Saturday, September 5, 2009

Force XXI looks to be back in bis!!!

I have to put a plug here for Force XXI. Mel is coming back, and is looking to expand his range of low cost good looking minis and armor for 15mm.
Force XXI
I have a few of these vehicles and love them. I also had some of the troops, and they were very cool as well. I did sell off the troops to make room for my 15mm orks. The one thing Mel needs to work on is his rules. I picked them up and was not that happy with them. I opened them to find a pile of papers. If Mel would take the time to re-edit them, and fix the charts the rules would be worth buying. I would also like to see them in PDF and a bit cheaper.

Over all I am glad to see Mel make a come back during this time of 15mm SciFi.

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