Sunday, September 26, 2010

New desktop image.

I was reading a blog today Form Eli @ "I see lead people" and there was some art from and artist I have never heard of. Alex Ries, and he has a new piece of art I love. I love it so much it is now my desktop.

Click for the full size image.
 I love the feel of his  beings, and that they are not the normal for what comes to mind. His view is completely original.
And no this is not a MAC it is an IBM T43 laptop running my favorite OS Ubuntu Linux.

Friday, September 17, 2010

New 15mm rules!

Well I ordered the new rules from 15mm uk today. I know I have been reviewing beta, rules and rules like FUBAR, but the cost of the rules was so cheap I had to try them out. Also I get a free mini with my order. Then there is the fact I needed one more squad of Shia Khan troopers. For those groups I am active on this is not a done deal. I have been a lover of rules for so long I will still be looking at your rules.

1) Gruntz
3) THW 5150 lager scales rules.
4) Forge of War.
and not in that order but these are the one I am focusing on at this time.
I would love the other one for get the name but it is to hefty and the release dose not come till late next year. then I have to by two books to play.

well as soon as I get it I will post about it.


Monday, September 13, 2010


Well I shared my Idea on TMP as I all way do and this time I got kicked right in the jimmy for doing so.
Looks like I am going to make dam sure I will not offend people before I share my ideas, even tough the ideas and simple like bassing  my 15mm minis on a button. Yikes........

Then there is this hole thing called "IMHO". This 4 letter statement make every thing one says OK.

Life lesson: when some one uses "IMHO" I must excuse any insult, caused by said poster!


Buttons buttons who has buttons?

Here are some photos of my new basing that I am using. I have picked up some buttons from an online dealer on the cheap. What I did was trim the metal bases to fit in to the recess of the button, then glued them in. Once dried I filled in around the metal base with Durham's putty. I mixed it thin and piped it on with a plastic bag with a tiny hole in the corner. Then I took the bottom of the base and hit it with my sander. The bottom of the buttons are slightly rounded, so I wanted to knock that down a bit.

Photos 1 and 2 are the same batch of minis, and photos 3 and 4 are another batch. I did 3, and 4 first, then moved to 1, and 2.

You can also see in the above photos I have re-based some of the painted minis I have based earlier on pennies. Then you can clearly see ware I have sanded the bottom of the buttons to make it flat.

Well the next step is to clean up the water putty, and prime them for paint. I was going to use gesso but I think there are to many for that.