Monday, June 29, 2015

Orc Rocket Pack (Fire Jumpa).

Hello All Mad Doc here, to talk about strapping a rocket to an Orcs back. See as I want to play out the big battle, I noticed I will need jump pack troops. Now the USE ME rules do not have any so I decided to make my own. I am starting off with a move of 18", and working back from that. Also this is an Orc pack so it just might not work.

Jet Pack 10Pts.
Range Up to 18 inches. This is a straight line vehicle, not turns can be made. When the model decides to fire the rocket he draws a line to the location he want to land at. Then roll a D6.
D6 roll, Result
1, Falure, roll another D6 for the distance. Once at the distance the rocket explodes. The jumper takes a +3 penetrating hit. Place a 2" template on this mini, any unit touching it takes a +2 penetrating hit.
2, Move 14"
3, Move 15"
4, Move 16"
5, Move 17"
6, Move 18"
Every time the model fires the rocket it changes the critical hit roll to the number of time is has fired. Second firing, on a 1 or 2 roll for the crit. Third firing 1, 2, or 3 roll for crit.

On a roll of 1, then 1 the model explodes on the spot, they started on. Place a 3" template and all touching take a +3 penetrating hit.

If the user does not fire the pack they can move 4", and still make a second move for another 2" a total of 6" per turn.

Now I have worked up the rule,  I decided to test this new rule out.
To do this I set up a small skirmish with a Guard squad and an Orc squad with rocket packs. I am using Universal battle for my table top.

Deployment. As you can see both side are deployed some distance apart.
Guard T1: As the guard does not have the range weapons they sit tight.

Orc T1: the Orcs opt to run for there first move and the squad moves up the allowed 6".
Guard T2: Now the boys are with in long range, and the gurad fires off 4 shots, and get 2 hits. One Orc is Struck. The guard now fire a second time at a -1 for second shot. They score 2 more hits, killing the Orc that was struck, and winging another.
Orc T2: Now it is time to fire the rockets. Mug Thug makes the first jump and there is no issues. The second jumper goes with no issues. The third jumper hits the trigger and and is launched 15" to his death. His body lands and also tries to take out Mug Thug and another. Lucky no one else was hurt this time. The 5th boy also jumped but popped, this time the template was placed on 4 boys. Two took wounds, 1 S, 1 W.
 The 7th jumper landed in the woods, and BOOM. This time the template went on a guardsman as well, but the Orc was the only one hurt or Dead. Now that they all made the jumps, it was time to shoot. The ended up shooting up 2 guardsman, and only wounding them.
So to sum it up I think the rules for the Rocket Pack will work, and add a Orcy level to the game. This weapon it not all that bad if you land in the mix of the enemy and get a good DOOM. Now POPPING before you take off well that is also very Orcy.

Monday, June 15, 2015

MadDoc the mini

Well I won a GorkaMorka Pain boy (Bad Doc) from eBay this week. I was able to make an offer less then the other listed, some were as high as $50 for a painted one, and $35. for new in box. As I am going to open it, and paint it my self they did not enter my wish list. I made a good offet of $15. and the seller took the offer. With shipping it was a total of $18.50. That is a bit high for me as i like to buy supper cheap, but I needed a mini for my new Google Profile "MadDoc Gubbins".

Out of the package, here is the Doc

An overnight in the dip (paint remover) here he is.

Now I re-assembled him and tweaked him just a bit, and gave him a new GM base, with extra stability added.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

GorkaMorka Ridez!

OK in my last post I showed my Boyz, now here are the Ridez.

The Bikes. Kit bashed from ShockForce bikes (oop).

The Trakz

 Work in progress.

The Buggiez

 I had this snotling for 20 years and just had to mount it on this buggy.

 Here is my Orky idea of turbo heat the fuel before it goes in the engine. Still have mroe work to do on this before paint.

The Truckz

 This was a big project as I only had the main chassis and one tire. I won it on eBay in a grab bag of bitz, and boyz. I made a mold of the tires from another truck and cast them out of water putty. I had to make the back out of card stock and a HK launcher tube. Added more bitz from my 40K bitz box and I love it.

The Wagonz. These were a hand me down from an old friend who got out of the hobby. I have them very basic but plan to add more tom them. I have a wreck-a-ball for the green one.

 The party Ride.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Boyz a photo shoot from Gorkamorka!

Well I have been seeing some posts about GM lately with the new Mad Max movie out now. So I thought I would do a photo shoot of all my GM stuff.

Today I am starting with the Boyz of GM. As you will see these boyz are in all different forms of completeness. Some are fully painted, some are primed, some are started, and some have the last owners paint job. GorkaMorka is one of my all time loves when it comes to miniature war gaming, and I have been collecting from the day it came out. I am all ways on eBay looking for some GM boyz and bits. I have gotten some great deals from eBay over the years.

 Here is the bitz. I have 11 boyz still on the spru, and lots of bitz in my bitz box.