Friday, September 23, 2011

New from!

What have I been up to. Well my wife has asked me to build a play gym for the kids. As I live on top of a mountain this is an up hill battle. What I have come up with is to build a tree fort with play ground add-ons. I do not have much if any level ground in my yard so this is all I can do.

Now for the miniatures I have been working on. I have been adding to my Praetorian Guard army over the summer. I have added a bunch of new models from and have to say I love them. These new models fit right in with the theme of my guard army. Below is some photos of the army.

In this photo you can see the entire army laid out.

This is the left side.

The right side.

This it the three new GMC from PM.

These next two photos show both the GMC and the MA.
You can see I have added a tank commander to the GMC
this really adds to this tank. I am not sure what to do about the
MA tanks, and I an thinking I will put a canopy over them
made from bandage wrap.