Monday, July 30, 2012

Noel's Log 7-30-12

First let me say that I am sorry for the layout, and template change. The template I was using got messed up, and I was not able to fix it. I spent about two hours Friday working on it, with out success. I have seen others with the same problem, and all solutions have not worked for me.

I hate Blogger!!!!!!!!.

Well this is it, I am not going to play with it any more, you can change the lay out in the upper left and see it how you would like it. Remember the comment section is at the bottom of each post.

On to the good stuff now

I spent time working on my stuff this weekend but just got distracted, by a new PC game. I did base my new Trench 2114 troopers on pennies. They are ready for putty, and prime. I was wrong in the count of them last week, there was an extra leader type, so I got a total of 21 miniatures. I also realized I ran out of primer last weekend.

This week I want to pick up some primer, Hide glue, and look at some ground cloth in a craft store I read about.

I was setting up my large light bucket(light box) in my garage to take some photos of my Dwarfs, and Lizardmen when my daughter asked if she could help. So we setup the bucket, and I let her arrange the miniatures in it. She needed a bet of help as she is a kidder like me, and I would find all sorts of stuff in the bucket next to the minis.

Here she is helping.

Here they are.

I have to go back and do some work on the lizardmen. I did not have many when I got them so I only put 4 to a base. I have now gotten a few more, and will add an extra figure to each 4 figure base.

PC Game:
Q: Well what PC game could take me away from miniatures?
A: Very few games could do this to me but one will all ways pull me away and that is Tribes. With new life in a game called Tribes Ascend!

Back in the day, 1998 there were some great FPS out there, but two of them were the masters. You had Half Life with its (Team Fortress mod), and you had Tribes. I was hooked on both but Tribes all ways won for me. I know over the many years HL, with its TF mod have reigned supreme, I loved the jet pack action of Tribes. I ran my own server for years, then Tribes II came out, and added a darker look and feel. I loved this as well. But I think this did not have the same following as the first one did. Next some half assed game Tribes revenge (sucked big time). 

Now I was poking around and found this game on a review site. Now I love the game play. but I do not like the pay for upgrades, or as some call it pay to win games. Now it is free to play, but advancements are very slow, and if you pick some this you do not like you are stuck with it.

Now playing if for some hours, I was able to rack up some kills with the basic weapons (two) you get to start. Now I like to play the defender, and base repair, so this is not a high kill class but I was getting 4 or five kill per round. 

So that makes me ask did they make this game easier to play or am I just playing like I did in the old days. I think that my skills did come in to play, but I also think the masters of old are not playing this game.

Will I keep playing, most likely no! The play for free games are only good for a while, then they get stupid, and people who do not pay die!!!!! 

May the Die Fall in Your Favor.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Noel's Log 7-23-2012

First I want to welcome a new author to the my blog, Welcome My self!!!
I will now be posting from two accounts. I have a large number of photos on my gmail account so I need to host the blog photos from another account. From now on I am using my second NoelVH account to host photos I am taking, and sharing of my minis.

Work Bench:
This weekend I spent time working on a gift for a friend of mine. This friend is leaving his current job for a new one, and I have been working with this geek for over three years now. I wanted to give him some thing, but I am not a person with lost of $$$, so I was thinking what can I give him. Now I was thinking of this while painting Saturday morning. Opened a storage area on my desk and found some 19/20mm Dwarfs I am not going to use, but are fantastic sculpts.

These Dwarfs are from Splintered Light games, and I got before knowing they were not 15mm. What a shame as these are great minis. So I set out to pant and base them as a desk topper. Some thing to keep the dork/geek in my friend at his new job.

I did not have the time to photo them correctly so please forgive.
So I took 4 of the base Dwarfs, and a Shaman. I think they came out great. I started work on the base, and the minis Saturday morning, and it took about 5 to 6 hours total. The base is layers of plastic card, with a magnetic bottom. I used old GW bases on the Dwarfs. I also got to try my new static grass flock out. I am having fun with that stuff.

OK so I worked on a gift for a friend, but I also finished up my mounted Saber tooth tigers.

I also worked on my cracked earth basing, but all my tests have failed. I did some research on this subject, and found another glue that creates the crackle effect. Hide glue, I guess this it the stuff from the old cartoons ware they sent the old horses off to. It is made from animal protein. Yuk!!!!! But I will try and pick some up this week, and have another go at it. No I did not get a chance to take any photos this week, but will make up for that later this week or my next log.

New Miniatures:
While working on this article I got a phone call from my son letting me know I got some minis in the mail. So I have stopped till I can check them out.

OK I have gotten my first minis from Trench 2114, and I will say I like them very much. I ordered two packs of the Panzer Troops over a month ago on a pre-order deal John posted. Let me say I have a hard time finding just what I want in 15mm. We all know I have no issue with Orcs and such, but for my SicFi troopers my mind is all way looing for what I loved in 28mm, and that was my Warzone collection. Now I was more or an Imp player than the Bahas player. But I had both armies. Well to get back to the 15mm Panzer Troops, John got them dead on for my taste in SciFi troopers.

I got 20 of them total and only opened on bag of 10. There are three poses in this bag. the mix is a bit off. There are three of the guy that look like leaders and I would rather see two of them. This way one bag would make two five man squads. With that said this is my ONLY complaint about these minis. Holding the minis in my hands they have a great feel to them, I see no flash and all most no mold lines. The mold lines I see are in the inner legs, and in areas you really do not see. So perp work will be next to nothing from me. The have good bases, not very thick so should mount very well. The one of the three stand 17.5mm to the eye, the other two are 16.5mm to the eye. They do not look out of sorts in any way to me. The arm, legs, body all look like the fit correctly. The have a high level of detail to them. The detail is heavy, and what I mean by this is it will not get lost in a coat of paint. Heavy in my mind means I can see it from a distance, after paint, and brings a great level or reality to the figure. (if I was a word smith this would be written better).

Over all some of the best 15mm SciFi I have ever owned, and I am looking for more of their stuff to make it to my mail box. John--- you hit a home run whit these miniatures!

Now for three crapy photos. Sorry I did not get a chance to take better photos.
Leader type.

May the Die Fall in Your Favor!

photo from Trench 2114 used with out permission, if this is not allowed please contact me directly for prompt removal noelvh AT gmail DOT com.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Noel's Log 7-16-2012

Noel's Log for the week of 7-16-2012

Blog Reviews:
This week I wan to share three blog posts from my reading list. The first is from a fellow that likes Orcs in space just like me. Thorlongus has a blog called "The 15mm Plunge" and has posted a few photos of a great conversion he has completed. He took some fantasy Orcs, and put some AK47 on them and poof he ended up with some cool SciFi Orcs. Have a look.

Next Ken From Proxie Models has posted he created some 20mm round raised lip bases, that he is selling. I have been looking for just such for my single based 15mm troopers. You may know I have used buttons in the past, but would rather uses these. I have dropped Ken a line in hopes he will get back to me with more info.

Lastly here is a very cool Ork troop transporter. I will not build it in paper, but might give it a try. I was more going to take the idea, and build it out of plastic. This thing is like a WWII landing craft with Orky treads and guns. How cool is this????

Well I did not get a hole bunch done this weekend, as it was my weekend to work from home. Once a month I have to update all legacy computers at work. So I did work on some mounted Dwarfs, but did not take any photos. I also tried another cracked earth base, and failed. So I have set up a control strip and will try a bunch of different mixes and see if I can redo what I did the first time. Very sad, I was really hoping for a big wow out of this.

I did take some time yesterday to build some units for Fantasy Rules 3 in Universal Battle. This is a tool that will let you replace your minis, table, and other players and be any ware in the world with internet access. I have been a big fan of this software, but have a hard time explaining it to people. Picture your self playing your game. You have your army on the table in front of you, and your opponent has the same. Now lets take the minis and turn them into digital versions, lets do the same with the table, and the opponent is 100,000 miles away. Here is how you would play the same game with the same rules. This is a pay to play software. There is a free version that can be used, but you can not save any thing. I have found if you have one paid account and every thing is in that account Units and such, you can have people with free accounts join the game.

I think it is $14. for one year, and $29 life time. I started with the one year and went to the life time. Also there is a week, and month pass. Any way the $29. is a deal.

This example can be used to play ANY miniature game. You can use this for RRtK, Pride of Lions, For the Masses, HOtT, Mighty Armies From Rebel. Your imagination is the limit here. Just think if you could play your favorite game with some one across the country, or world. I bet you would play more. To make it better you just need a VOIP call service like Skype, or google talk.

Any way here are some of the units I built this weekend in the army creator.
First up are my Dwarfs. As you will see I was able to recreate just about every unit type I have in real lead.
Starting at the top Left:
Row1- Hand units, Flying maidens, Mounted , Battlewagon.
Row2- Hand units, Xbows, Mounted, same Battlewagon as above.
Row3- Hero, Shaman, General, Blista , Heavy Artillery.

Next are my Lizardmen.
Row1- Hand unit, Heavy mounted, Battlewagon, Large beast.
Row2- Pikes, Light mounted.
Row3- Flying cav, Small turtle battlewagon.

Lastly my knights.
Row1- Mounted, heavy mounted.
Row2- Hand units, Single Mounted chars.

Now I have more units to create and it is very simple to do so. I am also looking into creating a few simple videos on how to use this software for other game types. I have started but not sure how or if this will come to life. I have never really done videos, and editing. I have all the tools just not the know how.

So that is it for this week, and I hope you have a great one.

Please not I have shared the other content with out there permission. If this is an issue please contact me, and I will remove it at once.

May the die fall in your favor.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Noel's Log 7-9-12

Another summer weekend passes, and what a hot one for my area. I ended up doing yard work on Saturday, and got attacked my my weed whacker. The cord got pulled out, and when I went to put it back in the loop in the handle twisted up and was pushing on the trigger. So holding the whacker up right in my left hand with the head on the ground, and plugging it in with my right hand the whacker drove right up my leg.
Work Bench:
So that put me in the mood to finish my yard work. So I ended up in my hobby room working on the Dwarfs. This time I primed all the minis I had ready on bases and in my jig. Then I took on the Dwarf maidens. Now I tried to do gray horses as my daughter likes grays, but I have mixed feeling as to how they came out.

I also worked on my Dwarf Shaman, and tried to create a cool base. The mini is a mini, but I wanted a base to really set him off. What I was thinking is have him draw his power from the living rock. So I set out to create a base that would be like cracked earth with lava showing through. I did a test base but just as cracked earth not the lava, and it was a full 40x40 base. It turned out great. With the test done I did the same for a 20x20 base and it did not turn out as well as the test.

As you can see the cracks are not very big, and there are to few of them. I tried to help them by scratching the top layer in hopes the cracks would grow by they did not. So I am not going to give up on this I just have to try another approach. 

So this is what I did. I got this idea from a video I saw last week of a guy basing on a cracked earth and he use products to do this that cost money. Thanks to my late Aunt Judy, who told me to crackle paint use PVA glue. So I first base paint my base a dark color, next paint a layer of PVA glue over top (not thinned). After the PVA is dry, I mixed a bit of rock putty, and lighter color paint, and painted this on. I then put the base near heat, I used a lamp. few hours later it was cracked earth. 

What went wrong? I think the base was to small, and I also think I need a thicker coat of the rock putty, and paint. So I am going to try and do two bases both 40x40 scored to me 20x20 so if it works I can snap it done ow size. But I was also thinking of using the 40x40 but put the PVA down in a circle from edge to edge. This way it will look as if the power from the rock is controlled. So that is what I have planned for the week.

Here is another shot of the Shaman.
And yes I went back to the red beards as they show up better on the smaller scale Dwarfs.

Book Review:
We I am just about finished with the third book in the  Paksenarrion series from Elizabeth Moon. This is the lat boo in this three book series. I have ordered the first book from the next Paksenarrion series. I hope to start this second series this week.

************ Warning************
If you like Apple and there products please stop reading here.
************ Warning************

Tech Review A:
Well if you know me I have a second hobby, and that is computers, it is also how I make a living. I am a PC support for a Pharmaceutical, both desktop, and lab support. So when it comes to computers I love to tinker. I am also a Linux fan and user. Now I am not hard core techey I just love to play, and this past month  brought the next release of PinGuy OS. This is such a big deal to me that I have had to put the minis, and my Android tablet down for the last two weeks. I can go on about how it blow Windows, and Apple out of the water on so many levels, but I can not argue with the brain washing they do. If you would like to take you current Desktop/Laptop and make it safe, secure, and run free powerful programs give it a try. All you have to do is down load the iso file from HERE, burn it to a DVD then boot you system with the disk. Now it will not install unless you select it to , but it will load the full operating system to your ram memory. Once loaded this is what you will see.

This OS is so easy to use, my kids 8, and 9 have it on there laptops, as well as my 76 year old Dad runs it on his machines. 

Tech Review B:
Well my Daughter wanted a Ipud touch, and I would not let here as I hate Apple with there over priced products, and their My stuff is better than your stuff bull crap. So Best Buy had the Samsung Android 5 player on sale, so I let her get that. Boy she is happy. I got far more product for the money, then I would at Apple. I loaded my account on it and all my games, and content came down. This crap about Itunes is the only way to buy and manage music is bull crap. Amazon music, buy and download direct to device, Google play is the same buy and download direct to device. And the music on my pc Open any player software and hit send to device. So you see I hate apple, and this Android player is very good, I will get the smaller one when my Sandisk dies.

Well that is enough for this week, and I am sorry if I have offended any Apple people, but the shoe is on the other foot now. You put Android, and other products down I will do the same to you.

Oh one more thing Did Apple stop the Galaxy S III from coming out? I do not think so!

My the Die fall in your favor!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Workbench 7-4-12

Yesterday was the 4th of July, and for many that means a day at the beach, or a cook out, and many other things. For me the same is true, but it is one more morning I get to work on my minis. I was up at the crack of dawn, and at my painting desk. I finished painting another unit and mounted them to the base. Now that I have new base material I decided to base all the stuff I will not paint in my jigs.

The photo below shows off the bulk of the Dwarven forces I hold. Units I have based yesterday are as follows.

    • Three bases of saber toothed mounted cav (BRF). The riders are in the clips to make it easy to paint.
    • Two bases of bear mounted cav (Mirilton)
    • Two Bolista (BFR)
    • One canon (Mirilton).

Next are the units in my jigs, and some valkyries.
On the jigs I have.

  • One unit of xbows,
  • One cleric.
  • One unit of vets, left over minis I have no clue what to do with. (back jig)
In front of the jig are the winged horses of the valkyries, and I am using them as dwarf maidens. I the way back are two more cannon units of unknown maker. I am not sure if I need that much fire power.

Trying to put the wings on the horses sucked, and I am sure I will grow to hat them, as I see nothing but repairs in their future. My daughter loves them as she loves all thing horse. My plan it to layer Super glue over the joints to beef them up. I was thinking of pinning them but only if this fails. I will need to buy a new drill bit to work on the wings, as they are very thin.

So what is next? I am waiting for the static grass to come in and I will grass every thing I own. I am hope full to see it over the next few days, but if not I have priming, and painting to be done.

The rest of the day was spent at a neighbor's house doing the hamburgers, and dogs. Then watched Journey 2 mystery island. All in all a very good day.

I hope you enjoyed you day.



Monday, July 2, 2012

Noel's Log 7-2-12

Well it is July, and the 4th is just 2 days away. I had a good weekend, went fishing down the Jersey shore with My Dad, his wife, and my Kids. My girl caught her very first fish, and was not grossed out by the bate. She was batting her own hooks. Me and my boy got skunked. Spent Sunday in the sun, at our town beach, then grilled up dinner.

Work bench:
I have been working on my 15mm fantasy, and was in need of new basing material (plastic sheet) and I have all ways wanted to try out static grass. I got the plastic at my local hobby shop, but no static grass. I have flock and have been using it for years I just want to try something new with the tall grass look. So I have placed an order for three different colors today from the Warstore. So I hope to have it by next weekend.

I did not let my lack of flock stop me form getting some work done.

First up is the Dwarf King from Mirliton with a Dwarf knight. I still have to finish the bases.

Next is some cross bows from the Mirliton. Also need to finish the base.

Lastly here are two units I finished during the week, just need to flock the bases. These are Black Raven Foundry, from Old Glory 15s. The one on the left is a sword unit, and the right is an ax unit.

Next week I hope to get some work done on basing with the static grass, and I will try and do a how to on how I base my fantasy units. As a intro I basically use plastic card cut to 40 x 40mm then apply a magnetic backer. Next I mount the minis, followed by layer of Rock putty to create the ground. Paint the putty earth tone, follow with PVA glue then flock. I will follow the same but add in the static grass. In reading up on static grass I have seen a number of way of applying it, but I think I am going to try super glue, and dip the figure in the grass. I will start with blank bases and go from there. I will make the blanks this week, and report next week.

So if you have any tips, on static grass please email me, or share them in the comments. noelvh (AT) gmail [DOT] com. Any tip shared via email well be posted in my next log.

I also do not have any reviews for movies, but I am still reading the Elizabeth Moon books, and they are great.

As all ways may the die roll in your favor.