Sunday, September 29, 2013

Orc Truck kit bash from a just a chassis.

Update 10\21\2013 scroll to the bottom for the final photos of this truck.

From my last post here is my here is the base chassis. I had a front bumper, and push bar in my bitz box. I came up with tires, see my last post.
So now that I have the base, I need to find some more bitz and make a truck out of it. I had some plastic card stock fro the bed bottom.
With the bed I needed sides. Back to the bitz box. Lucky for me I have a ton of old IG tank bitz, and the first item used was a hunter killer launch box. I use one for each bed side. The I added hatch covers for the sides. I also used the hatch covers for a bed extension.
Better view of damage.

Here you can see I added a boost to the engine, and some NOS tanks. Also you can see I have some really bad welding on the bed, and sides. Lets face it, this is a total scrap job.
Now time for the front, I need to add some bitz, and damage. See the kannon behind the driver, as well as the bullet hole, and a hole corner taken out. Also added a spare tire.
Here is a side by side with a stock truck, and this one.

I primed the truck and want to add the photos. As all ways click for a larger view.

Below is the truck with a complete dry brushing of metal. I am now going to paint the parts of the truck in the color of the bit, as they were on the original item. The floor of the truck is Rhino hull, and in Rhino blue. The sides will be in IG OD green.

Update 10-6-2013.
I have finished the truck and want to show some before wash, and after was photos. The was is Polyshades stain, and polyurethane, by Mixwax. I just brushed it all over the truck, and let it dry. As all was click the photo to see the larger one. I suggest you look at al of them to see the difference the was makes. The boyz (driver and gunner) are primed ready for paint next.
Before wash.
After wash.

Before wash.
After wash.
Before wash.
After wash.
Before Wash.
After wash.
Before wash.
After wash.
Before wash.
After wash.
UpDate 10\21\2013
I have completed this model, by finishing the Driver and Gunner this weekend. Also I started another project. Here are three photos of the completed truck with crew.
Now I am working on a track, by adding bitz and breaking bitz. Will start a blog post for that one soon.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Instant Mold, and an old Orc vehicle.

So the week before last I got an email from on of the many Yhoo Groups I have joined Surpluswargaming group . This group deals with people selling or trading their unwanted miniature stuff. Well this one email hit me right in the wallet. "Selling Gorka Morka bits", well I quickly replied and the were at my house in no time.

This was mostly bits of boys, but there was one chassis in the mix. It only had the base, and the cockpit assembled, nothing else. I went to my bits box and found a push bar, front plate (grill), and the plate for behind the driver, and gunner. So I have the starts of a new vehicle. All I need now was some tires, and a bed for the vehicle.

So I took out my Instant mold, and two tires from one of my other vehicles and got to work. Heating up some water in the microwave and dropping in the Instant Mold to make it soft, I then placed it over the tires to make the molds. After this I filled the molds with water putty, to see what the final cast would look like, and was happy. Next I filled the molds with JB Weld Plastic putty, I got from Home Depot cheap.
Here are the photos.

In this photo you see the original tire on the right, the mold in the middle, the water putty test tire in the front, and the finished tire in the left mounted.
This photo shows the original next to the finished tire.
The front tires were a bit off but I am ok with that, as it make the trukk look like it has seen some action.
This photo is the chassis ready from more parts.

Disclaimer: The tires are not produced for resale, only to complete a kit, with parts that are out of production OOP. I in no way condone the copping of bits for resale, or if the are readily available for purchase. If the owning IP would like the photos removed please contact me via the comments, and I will do so at once.