Monday, July 20, 2015

Jetpack Orc ride!

In my lat post I wen on about my tech geek side, and did not have any mini related content. So you might not have seen the last post as i did not share the links on G+.

But I did manage to get a bit of work done. Below are two molds I made of my hard drive jumper jetpack. Also the epoxy I am using, I know it is not green stuff, it is some thing I picked up at Lowes as plastic epoxy. It works very well for what I use it for.

 Here the Epoxy is mixed. You see water in the photo as I use that to help with mixing, to limit the stick of the epoxy.
 Here it is pressed into the mold.
 After 15 minutes under a very hot lamp.

Here they are cleaned up and glued on to the boys.
Now here are two I did last week, but did not take a photo of.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tech Break Windows 10 is coming!

Well this weekend I really did not do much with my miniatures, as I wanted to make sure all of my computers were ready for Windows 10. I am a geek, and have allot of computers/laptops around my house. I also am a Mek Boy and make machine from discarded parts (more money for minis). I have been on the beta reviewing Win 10 for just under a year, and have to say this is the first version of Windows I am excited about. Win 8 was a great stepping stone to get to Win 10 but lets face it is was a hard pill to swallow. It worked unlike Vista, and Millennium, but it was too different for most people to take to it. For work I have become the Business expert on Win 8, and rolled Lenovo Yogas out to our sales force. This went very well, but only after a bit of hand holding and guiding the user the right way. Win 8 can be eased into, but most people did not see that they just saw the Metro interface and shutdown. Win 10 has a great balance by combining the start menu with the Metro style interface. So now you can create a great start menu or keep it simple. The over all look and feel is very nice, new, and refreshing.

I have put down linux for all most a year to play with Win 10, and now I find that I may not want to go back to my trusty linux distro, and stick with Win 10. Now with that said and all the bad people out there, Win 10 may become a unusable system if I am updating it and fighting viruses all the time.

Mad Doc out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekend update Guard units, and motor pool.

Mad Doc here with more news of  the Guard, and its progress. It will not matter how many they are they will all die by the hands of the Orc! But let them make a good show of it.

Here you see I have completed another squad of guard.
 Add one more squat squad to the ranks. The yellow units this time around.
 These tanks were in various states of work, so with some dip, paint, and a canvas cover they they just need dull coat applied to mark them as complete.

Until next time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Guard squad, and jet packs.

Tonight I finished the painting of a guard squad, they just need basing. Then I took some epoxy putty and pressed it into the jet pack mold. I think this will work from me.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

First Jumpa Troopa.

Mad Doc heer, to show off the first of the Fire Jumpas. To make this jumpa, I removed the base, moved the legs a bit, bet the arms in a bit. For the jump I used an old computer hard drive jumper. I put a fin on it, and a wire as the rounded top. I have made three jump packs one I used on this guy the other two I am going to cast. I could not get my camera to play nice today sorry for the shotty photos.