Thursday, December 29, 2011

Orc's Drift the game!

Hi All,
I have put a Universal Battle Map, and match together. I want to share the code you any one who would like to load it up and play it out. I have built the map based on the real lay out of the mission. Please note there is a fee to use UB with custom content. I think I paid $14.00 for one year, and it is $29.00 for life time. When my one year runs out I am going for the life time one. If nothing more that to play solo games.

Code: From the link copy the code and paste into the map part of the software.
Map Link

Also I have filled out the map with all the base units for a game.

For this match I have a starting army of Orcs at 150, and IG at 100. I would think after turn 2 roll a D6 for the orks, and add that many more 10 man units to the board. I do not see the IG winning but how long can they last. Another way would be from every 10 Orcs killed place a new unit on the board. This way the IG might have a chance. Also fill the hospital with walking wounded and fight from the windows (up to 10 men can fire from the hospital, and at reduced to hit). The hospital is the right most building part of the main group. The barn, and coral is to the far right of that. The mission is the long building closest to the Orc lines, with the store being to the far left.
Here is the file for the match.

I will most likely play this out as a solo game using the rules USE ME 001.
If you need help with UB or the files please let me know by email:
noelvh AT Gmail DOT COM


Monday, December 19, 2011

An Orcy weekend!

I have seen a few posts on the TMP about the old school MJ orks, and decided to get some more painted up. I painted up twenty of them, and used a new paint scheme for them. As I am now using dip I needed to come up with a faster and lighter paint scheme for them. So I have block painted them, and used lighter green for their skin.

First 2 photos my old way, then followed by the new way.

I know they look great but they will not work with the dip being this dark. So here are my new ones.

I know the photos are not the best but click on them to see the bigger view, and you will see the difference.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Army Progress for that last month.

I have been pushing my self to work on my Praetorian army, this is a task in its self. With all my family needs to take care of first I have very little time to play. This fall was a challenge with my kids in Soccer, and being a first time soccer coach for my son's team. Well with the bad Fall weather we ended the season late. Now with the holidays coming I do not see any more work till the new year.

So here is what I have done.

First is I have completed 1 full Platoon. This includes a Spec Ops team (the Scene Miniatures), the 5 squads of brits (old glory 15s), followed by a squad of snipers (15mm Uk). Photo sucks but here they are.

Next I have a MechA, Walker, and a mobile missile launcher. MechA (15mm uk), thn the walker (Gear Krieg), then the missile launcher (also Gear Krieg). I have also use some water transfers from my old GW stuff, adds a bit more to them.

This guy had a missile pod installed, I found a shoulder arm system from a 28mm that fit, and that was it.

I am thinking this will be my last post before Christmas so I will wish all of you a very Marry Christmas, Happy New Year, and if you do not celebrate Christmas, please take my best wishes for the holiday you do celebrate.


Monday, November 14, 2011

The Boys!!

I have been thinking about my Orc boys, and stating them up for USE ME rules. So this morning (up really early) I took photos for my MSE cards. I picked just painted models for the photos, but I did do a group photo.

And now the bikes

But here are the head shots.

The War Boss, and two heavy armor. The boss is a Fantasy Orc with bitz added.

The Heavy armor. These boys are from MJ (now OOP).

The Assault Nobs. These boys are from MJ (now OOP).

Blood Axe Boys. These boys are from 15mm UK.

The Boys. These boys are from MJ (now OOP).

A Bike. This bike is from MJ (now OOP).

Two Dreadnoughts. These are GW epic gargants.

The Beast. This is from I think Vor or Void. It is a resin model I converted to an Orc Beast. I still have to Orc it up a bit, but you get the jist. I like the Troll gunners.

Not shown are my Mega Armor boys, and they are the drop troops from 15mm UK. I have yet to paint one of them for the a photo. So now I just have to create the stats, and the cards. Stay tuned for them.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow Day Oct-30-2011, and my Wedding Anniversary

Well here in the North East (New Jersey)ware I live in the North West part of the state, ware we had 17 + inches of snow yesterday. We lost power about 6:30 pm Saturday night and spent a clod night in our house. I only had a white fuel lantern for heat. Yes I vented the house a bit from time to time. We got power back and 7:30 am just after I fixed my camping stove with a ben-a-roos. I los the O ring for the gas pipe, and this stuff worked like a charm. See I needed coffee, and the stove worked great. Here are some shots.

This is what it looked like at 7:30 am EST this morning.

Now here is two from 5:pm

This stuff was very heavy, and now the melting snow is going to ice up.
Now my snow blower was still in the shed and not ready for this snow. The second pull it when putt putt die, as I was holding the pull cord, Crap!!!!! Well had that fixed in 15 minutes, did my driveway and the guy next door.

Now I have to post this sorry guys.

I have been married now for 12 years today, and want to say to my Wife, I love, and will for ever.

Now here is what I worked on while I had power. I too the advice of viewers from when they were primed and added some supports.

Well I have to finish the base, and make a unit card for them now that I have a photo of them painted up.

Well I hope readers from this part of the world made it through the storm with out issue.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Cards For USE ME Rules.

Here are my latest round of cards for USE ME rule set. To make these cards I used MSE, and the template for Doomtrooper, then the warzone card. I edited the warzone card image a bit in MS paint. I added the Stat names to the circles at the bottom of the card. The card images are found in the MSE program folder under data, and can be tweaked a bit. 

EDIT How to now at bottom of this post.

I hope you like them.

Edit here is how I did it.

First head over to MSE (Magic Set Editor) and download their latest version. Install it and then get a card template. I used the Dootrooper template. If the link dose not work from the MSE web site go to downloads, additional templates and on the bottom of that page is a link to it. Unzip the file and open it up to install it to MSE. Now down load this card image if you want it to look like mine.

Now put this file in the C:\Program Files\Magic Set Editor 2\data\doomtrooper-doomkit.mse-style folder. Replace the current one with mine. 
Now open MSE up and select new set. Here is my set file download it and open to see my files.
Also to help with this I have installed these tools.
Foxitreader a PDF reder.
Cutewriter a PDF writer. I also grabbed the ghostscript tool from the same web site. 
I use these tools to print my cards to PDF for storage, and printing at work as I don not have a color printer at home.
Please keep in mind I do not use Windows as my OS I use Linux, with WINE to run windows apps so you may not need the reader and writer, or ghost script tool.
When you first open the MSE with the Doomtrooper card set you will have to click on the edg of the card and select "Warzone" to get the correct template. 

Now How did I edit the template. I found the jpg file from the path above, then opened it with a image editor, I used the reference to MSPAINT, and you can use that with ease, but I use kolourpaint a KDE tool for yes Linux. Kpaint allows me to work with transparent background easily. Ok now with your template open just click around the card to see what it is editable and have fun.

So this is the basics of how I made these cards. I know it sounds hard but really its not if you just use the template I have created.  

email me @ noelvh @T G mail DOT com if you have any questions.


PS sorry for the fake posts from this title, blogger is not that fun to use any more. It is a PIA really. I hope they stop making it look modern and just fix it.