Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mega Orcs and a Dread

Well the summer has passed me by, no vacations this year, but allot of painting. The only issue is I was painting the inside of my house not minis. My wife has we need to paint out house, and she was right it is allot of work but it looks great.

I did how ever sneak in a few hours to paint. This past weekend I finished my 4 squads of Mega Orcs, and one Dread. I had painted the leaders some time ago, but needed to finish the boys. Well I think they came out very nice. I have seen others tweak their megas but I did not have the time, and if I do more I will. All flock was my tea flock with tufts of gail force 9 static grass.

 Here is another Epic gargant as a Dread. I uses a rotary gun from Shock Force OOP and computer flat cable as the ammo belt. I left this one hanging off for a different look. Also had to glif up the paint job. I still need to add a banner but it looks good.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend report.

Well this weekend I did some work in my hobby room. First I made another big batch of flock. Once more this is using old tea leaves, and mixing in some paint. I know I said I would post a video, but My camera sucks for video, and I do not have a way to hold the camera while I make the flock. But it is simple. Think of this as more of staining the tea than panting it. I put about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water in a cup, and squirt paint in. I put in as much as to color the stick I stir it up with. If I pull the stick out and the paint runs off I add more. Once I have my paint and water mixed up I sift in the tea while I mix it up. I stop adding when it lumps up. Keep mixing till it is all covered. Then I put it on a paper plate and chop it up with the mixing stick. I now put it in the microwave for 10sec then mix it up on the plate (repeat about 8 time) to start the drying process. Next I great it by pushing it through a small scrap of window screen over a cup. I will do this twice if the lumps are big. That is it. When I make this I really do this three times each one is a diferent

 Here I tried some pencil shavings, this should make some cool razor grass, or some thing.
 Then I finished off the second half of this squad (the gray uniform on the left), and used the new flock on all 8 of them, and added a bit of static grass.

 I then started on the last squad of them.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Psionics + Orc = Weird boys in 15mm

I have been thinking of adding more of the RT troop types, and saw the 15mm scifi rules I like had rules for Psionics in them so why not add the Weird boy.

I started with 3 fantasy Orcs I had left over from when I had a Orc fantasy army. Did a few mods to them, like removed the shields, and added guns. The main Weird boy was simple I added a shoulder pad, and that is it.

Please note these photos are not my normal high quality. I know it looks like the boy has a banner but it is in the back ground. Look close and you will see he hold a spear. I have also used my tea leave flock on the bases, but I still want to add static grass to them.

I have also been working on some more dreadnoughts, and here is one using PC cable as machine gun bullets. 

As All way I hope you like what I have done.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Test Game Mat

I have all ways wanted to get/make a game mat but the price of buying one is way too much. So I have decided to make my own. For the last few years I have reviewed a number of posts on how to, as well as viewed a number of videos. So I have formed a plan in my head, and got started.

We I do not have extra cash, so this has to be on the cheap, so here is my material list.

  • Cloth: I was lucky to clean out an office and I got some display table heavy cloth covers.
  • Flock: What to use. I have been making my own using used tea leaves and paint.
  • Rubble/Rocks: For this sample I use cat litter (un-used).
  • Latex calk: For this test I had an old tube (was a bit dry and thick).
  • Paint: Craft paint supper cheap.
  • PVA glue.
  • Water.
Tools used.

  • Cardboard box: used as a frame.
  • Stapler: Attach the cloth to the box
  • Putty knife: for spreading the calk.
  • Scissors: to cut the cloth.
  • Craft stick: to mix calk and paint.
  • Paint brushes.
Here are some of the items used.

Now for the cloth on the frame.
Here is the cloth with the calk, and flock added. At this stage I pressed the flock down using a plastic shopping bag, to help stick the flock/rocks and give it texture. Let dry over night.
Next day add some paint, and watered down PVA to the flock to help hold it down.
Next dry brush the dirt and rocks, remove from the frame, and cut the edges clean. Also test the flexibility of the mat. It rolls up and no flock falling off.

Now here is the mat with some minis on it. 

Test mat successful!! It is time to upscale this project, and build a 4x4 mat.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Orc vehicle contest My entry

Well I started my entry for this contest. It is going  to be a gun truck, manned by goblins. I am still working it out in my head, but as per the rules here are photos of the base of the model. Now I can not win as I am hosting the contest on my G+ community "Space Orcs" but I need to be in it.

My own personal challenge is to do this truck with our spending one cent on it. I have to make it with what I have in my house. Well I found the wheels on one of my son's broken hot wheels in the back yard.

The bulk of this is plastic card stock, and the cab is not solid but I put it together like a box. I also found that using scissors for cutting cloth the zigzag pattern work on card stock.

Here is the truck next to a boy.

Well this is the first round of photos for this contest. 

Please if you have any interest in Space Orciod types join the group.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Orc Commandos painted WIP.

The Commandos, how should I pant them up, what should they look like, well here is one way I thought they should look. I have created a progress photo stream of my work on 4 of my Orc Commandos today.

Start with some GZG mercs, and a few paints. I used Green, Antique white, sable brown, Black, red, yellow, white, silver (metallic), Polyshades dip, Testers dull coat.

With the two colours below I mixed up most of the uniform, gun, armour, and boots.

Bellow are the Orcs ready for dip, and I have brushed it on.

Once the dip is dry, I sprayed with dull coat, and hit some detail work.

Only thing left is to finish up the bases. Then put them to work.