Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow Day Oct-30-2011, and my Wedding Anniversary

Well here in the North East (New Jersey)ware I live in the North West part of the state, ware we had 17 + inches of snow yesterday. We lost power about 6:30 pm Saturday night and spent a clod night in our house. I only had a white fuel lantern for heat. Yes I vented the house a bit from time to time. We got power back and 7:30 am just after I fixed my camping stove with a ben-a-roos. I los the O ring for the gas pipe, and this stuff worked like a charm. See I needed coffee, and the stove worked great. Here are some shots.

This is what it looked like at 7:30 am EST this morning.

Now here is two from 5:pm

This stuff was very heavy, and now the melting snow is going to ice up.
Now my snow blower was still in the shed and not ready for this snow. The second pull it when putt putt die, as I was holding the pull cord, Crap!!!!! Well had that fixed in 15 minutes, did my driveway and the guy next door.

Now I have to post this sorry guys.

I have been married now for 12 years today, and want to say to my Wife, I love, and will for ever.

Now here is what I worked on while I had power. I too the advice of viewers from when they were primed and added some supports.

Well I have to finish the base, and make a unit card for them now that I have a photo of them painted up.

Well I hope readers from this part of the world made it through the storm with out issue.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Cards For USE ME Rules.

Here are my latest round of cards for USE ME rule set. To make these cards I used MSE, and the template for Doomtrooper, then the warzone card. I edited the warzone card image a bit in MS paint. I added the Stat names to the circles at the bottom of the card. The card images are found in the MSE program folder under data, and can be tweaked a bit. 

EDIT How to now at bottom of this post.

I hope you like them.

Edit here is how I did it.

First head over to MSE (Magic Set Editor) and download their latest version. Install it and then get a card template. I used the Dootrooper template. If the link dose not work from the MSE web site go to downloads, additional templates and on the bottom of that page is a link to it. Unzip the file and open it up to install it to MSE. Now down load this card image if you want it to look like mine.

Now put this file in the C:\Program Files\Magic Set Editor 2\data\doomtrooper-doomkit.mse-style folder. Replace the current one with mine. 
Now open MSE up and select new set. Here is my set file download it and open to see my files.
Also to help with this I have installed these tools.
Foxitreader a PDF reder.
Cutewriter a PDF writer. I also grabbed the ghostscript tool from the same web site. 
I use these tools to print my cards to PDF for storage, and printing at work as I don not have a color printer at home.
Please keep in mind I do not use Windows as my OS I use Linux, with WINE to run windows apps so you may not need the reader and writer, or ghost script tool.
When you first open the MSE with the Doomtrooper card set you will have to click on the edg of the card and select "Warzone" to get the correct template. 

Now How did I edit the template. I found the jpg file from the path above, then opened it with a image editor, I used the reference to MSPAINT, and you can use that with ease, but I use kolourpaint a KDE tool for yes Linux. Kpaint allows me to work with transparent background easily. Ok now with your template open just click around the card to see what it is editable and have fun.

So this is the basics of how I made these cards. I know it sounds hard but really its not if you just use the template I have created.  

email me @ noelvh @T G mail DOT com if you have any questions.


PS sorry for the fake posts from this title, blogger is not that fun to use any more. It is a PIA really. I hope they stop making it look modern and just fix it.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dip VS Wash for minis!

I spent a good two hours painting this weekend and now want to show the difference between Dipped, and Washed minis. I have taken the advice of many and did not Dip these minis but brushed on my Dip. I tried to brush on the Dip to a vehicle and was not happy with this, I will really Dip my vehicles from now on. Also I found that as this is a gloss dip the camera dose not focus on the Dipped mini as well as the washed mini. You will see this in the photos below. The photos below are going to be one Washed, and One Dipped, mini side by side and the same type of mini. There is one by him self, and is the over all commander of my army.

From these two photos the Dipped on is on the left,and dose not look as dark over all. The one draw back is the dip covers the white of the belts and bags to much. I will touch the up quickly, before I dull coat them.

You can see the red of the uniform much brighter on the Dipped mini over the washed on. And the helmet is not as dark as well.

Here you can see the lack of focus on this guy, my leader. I think it is because of the gloss, so my next test will be to see what they look like after dull coat.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Dip Photos, and Thoughts.

Warning Warning this is a disclaimer based on my own experience with the Dip Method. ****** I have pulled my Bicep using the shake the Dip off method, as well I have launched two tanks across the room.******

Below are the photos of the Dipped miniatures I worked on this weekend.
First is the photos of block painted tanks.

Now here are the tanks Dipped, but all painted the same way. If you look at the left most tank you will see some of the launch damage. The turret, and main gun broke off, as well as a dent in the top of the tank. I will field it as battle damaged.

Here are the lead tanks, in their glory. The command tank on the right is a different color, more of a tan, then the others. You can see how the dip worked just as well on it.

Now for some of my fantasy dwarfs dipped.

Now these guy are just barely painted, and I would almost play them if not for their belts, and boots.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dip or not to Dip!

Sorry for that lack of posts, I know I spoke of more posts in the fall, but that did not work out. My Son needed a coach for his first real season of soccer, and I stepped in to help him out. He is six, and is a sports nut (I on the other hand am not a sports nut). So here I am 6 games in with only one win, and that win my son scored 5 of the six goals for a 6 to 1 win. Then their is my Girl. She is in here second year of soccer, and I am supporting her as well, but not as a coach.

Ok now to the reall meat.

Over the last few months I have been thinking how am I ever going to finish my Praetorian Guard army, and how do I stop from painting my 15s like I paint my 28s. Well the first thing to come to mind is the Dip method. I am sure you have heard of the dip method of finishing off miniatures. Well if not it is a fast way to block paint you minis and then dip them in some stain plus sealer. This will fill the shaded areas and seal the mini. Now I went back and forth on what dip should I use. Should I go with the floor wax and ink, one or the Minwax, or the Army Painter dip. So I looked at the floor wax, and this was not so cheap and I would have to go to a few stores to get all the components. So this is not for me. Next was Minwax, ok what shade should I use????? I have no clue, as the one most talked about is not a US color. So I am not going to spend $12.00 to guess the color. Then the Army Painter one. This looks just right, right? No it is not I do not have $30.00 for a jar of sealer form my minis. Please remember I an cheap. I am sure AP dip is the one of the best out there I just do not have the $30.00 for it.

So What do I do??? I went through my house paint shelve and found what I think is it. Cabot Ploystain. This is a stain and a sealer, and it is water based. I picked it up to stain my son's bedroom door, and only used 1/4 of a quart. The color is dark oak, and looks right, but it is a bit thick. So I fill the quart back up with water, rolled the can a few time with out shaking it, and I dipped my first minis. I will post some photos later, as the minis are drying now but I am sold on the dip method for speed painting. I think the dark oak was a great shade to use for my minis, and it is a great arm work out. I have to shake the heck out of the minis to get the excess off. I think I can still thin out the can a bit more, and still have a great Dip.