Saturday, June 21, 2014

Test Game Mat

I have all ways wanted to get/make a game mat but the price of buying one is way too much. So I have decided to make my own. For the last few years I have reviewed a number of posts on how to, as well as viewed a number of videos. So I have formed a plan in my head, and got started.

We I do not have extra cash, so this has to be on the cheap, so here is my material list.

  • Cloth: I was lucky to clean out an office and I got some display table heavy cloth covers.
  • Flock: What to use. I have been making my own using used tea leaves and paint.
  • Rubble/Rocks: For this sample I use cat litter (un-used).
  • Latex calk: For this test I had an old tube (was a bit dry and thick).
  • Paint: Craft paint supper cheap.
  • PVA glue.
  • Water.
Tools used.

  • Cardboard box: used as a frame.
  • Stapler: Attach the cloth to the box
  • Putty knife: for spreading the calk.
  • Scissors: to cut the cloth.
  • Craft stick: to mix calk and paint.
  • Paint brushes.
Here are some of the items used.

Now for the cloth on the frame.
Here is the cloth with the calk, and flock added. At this stage I pressed the flock down using a plastic shopping bag, to help stick the flock/rocks and give it texture. Let dry over night.
Next day add some paint, and watered down PVA to the flock to help hold it down.
Next dry brush the dirt and rocks, remove from the frame, and cut the edges clean. Also test the flexibility of the mat. It rolls up and no flock falling off.

Now here is the mat with some minis on it. 

Test mat successful!! It is time to upscale this project, and build a 4x4 mat.