Monday, December 27, 2010

Life after Xmass!

I have to say I have had another great xmass this year. Not what I got but time spent with the family. I got nothing for TTGs...... I did how ever get what I needed, like some shirts, slippers, a watch, and a new router. I also got new tires for the car yesterday, and just in time for the big snow storm in New Jersey. I was hoping that my order from 15mm uk was under my tree but no luck. I thought I ordered it well before the freeze up in Scotland hit, but I guess not. Well I hope to see it in the next few days.

I do hope every one got what they wanted and had a great xmass as I did.

I will be putting a project list together for next year, and i hope to get some real work done, with my armies and start on some terrain. I would also like to get a game or two in, at my local store.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Praetorian Mortar team!

Well I have two photos of my converted mortar team. I still have to flock the bases, but I am a bit strapped for time with the holidays in full swing.

I simply took the little drummer boy, and cut the drum off. Then with a plastic tube from a ball point pen and a bent paper clip I have Mcgivered a mortar team. I may add a third guy, and an ammo box on the base, but this is a good start.

Back at you Lucky Joe!!!!!


PS I should change the back drop to my light box.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

USE ME Fantasy rules on order.

I have just ordered the new Fantasy rules form 15mm uk called USE ME Fantasy. Why am I posting that here? Well I have also ordered 10 new minis from them.

These guys will go nicely with my Praetorian guard army, as a special force unit, or some thing like that.
I have all ways loved them, as they reminded me of the Warzone trenchers I loved sooo much.


Friday, December 10, 2010

What I have been doing.

Well I have been quite busy since my fight with Lucky Joe has started, please do not think for a moment I have backed down. See I have had my hands full with other life issues. I know its sounds like a co- out, but I really have been busy with other things.

First project is my son's room. We promised him a Pirate room, and I have been hard at work with that. I have made a sail complete with skull and cross bones for his curtains. Painted, wallpapered, applied a border, planked his room door, and placed a gate latch rather than a door knob. We still need a few odds and ends to finish up.

Yes that is a skull in the upper left corner.

I have stained the door a dark oak, and beat the crap out of it, to give it that old look.

Then there was turkey day. Boy did I stuff my self. It was a small affair this year, as some of the family, could not be there, such as my brother inlaw, and long time friend who is fitting for his life. See we married sisters. Keep Strong John "kwyjibo" Hughes.

Then the my back went out on me. I could not even sit in my chair to paint for more than a few minutes. So that took a week and a half to get better. Now it is in to the Xmass time of year, and I have been busy getting the house set up with lights and decorations.

And this is my little snotlings, with the HoHo guy.

This weekend is out as I am off to NYC to see the big tree with the wife, kids, sister inlaw, and nice. Then Narnia on Sunday with me Boy, and Xmass shopping.

So Lucky Joy, you post your little photos of Orkiss, and electrical box buildings, because you are doing a great job with your stuff.

I ask for a for a parlay till the new year when I can attack in full force.

To All, A Merry Christmas, (insert your holiday if other than Christmas), and a happy new year.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

This mornings work.

Well today I got up knowing I needed some mortars for the Brits so I took the Brit drummer, and removed the drum. Then gluing him on some plastic card, with a bit of plastic tube placed as the mortar tub. A bent paper clip for the mortar legs and I think I have it. I am going to paint it up before taking any photos of it.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eat this Lucky Joe!

Lucky Joe has put up his dukes, and this is war. He may not know this but I do. So for my attack at him here are some photos.

First photo is the Orcs with there all time enemy the Praetorian guard.
(I have to work on laser bolts)
Minis are:
British Colonial (Zulu war) from Old Glory 15s.
Orcs from 15mm UK.

Now let see Joe pull these units out of his hat. Here are Two of my Orc Dreadnoughts attacking the line.
(GW Epic gargants)

There you have it Joe, the fight is on.


Wind from my sails!

Here I sit, on my couch the Saturday after turkey day relaxing only to see this copy cat pull the wind right out of my sails. This guy Lucky Joe goes and posts on his blog a hole slew of 15mm Orks, and tanks. They are very well painted, and photographed. How dare he, follow my bolg only to knock me in the 'Ead and steallz me Teff.

Please have a look at this copy cats blog, if you are following mine. This guy Joe has done a great job with his boyz, and there rides. My only hope is he was able to get some ideas from my work.

Lucky Joe Great Job.


Monday, November 22, 2010

My Local Store.

For years I have shopped at DarkTower games in Denville NJ, a 20 minute drive. Last year they became defunct and were then called Mighty Titans Hobbies and Games. This was in Randolph NJ, a 15 minute drive. So this past Saturday I was getting gas 2 miles from my house, and looked across the street at  store (building) I have all ways loved, but it have been empty for a year or so. But for some odd reason there were a ton of cars in the parking lot. then I see this.

But there is a banner hanging for atop the door way.

Holy SHIT!!!!!
I am totally bummed as I pulled my back out and could not have been able to stand, and walk around.

Next weekend I will be there.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Painted Brit!

Here is my first British officer painted. I add a cape to this guy to set him apart, form the rest of the HQ units.
Also I have taken the photo next to and Orc nob.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Brits have Arrived.

Well I got the Colonial British from Old Glory 15s the other day and got right to work on them last night. I started out with doing some conversions. Some of the conversion were simple weapon swaps, but I did not have 15mm weapons so converted them from old bitz. I broke out my 28mm bitz box and got to work.

First was a rock launcher. This conversion was done using the lance from a rough rider. I clipped it off added some green stuff to the ends. It was easy to remove the old gun, and replace with the new one. You can see him on the left, on the right is the same trooper with out the conversion.

Next is the Grenade launcher. Also next to an un-converted unit. This conversion used more from the same lance. Also very easy, and I like them so far.

Now for the flamer. I am not sure what this trooper was, as what he is holding is not a gun. This was also simple, cut up a 28mm flamer, remove the tank, and glue to the back of the trooper. Add a green stuff hose, and I am done.

So this morning I based all most all of them on the buttons, clipped the guns down, and filled the bases. I hope to prime later today, and get a few painted. For my next conversions I have some drummers I am going to remove the drum and base them with a mortar. I have also made a leader, and will photo him later as well.

One more thing I watched Zulu last night to help with the mind set for this project.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

The British are coming the British are coming!

Well I have gone, and bought some colonial British Zulu units, to use as my P guard. I was going back and forth over who to buy them from, and I ended up with Old Glory 15s. I really wanted the Essex ones but at  $4.5 per 8 men they were to high in price. So the Old Glory are .36 per figure, and Essex would be .56 per figure. I will most likely fill out there ranks with minis from Essex but for now I picked up 100 of them for $36..  I will be needing heavy weapons, and will need to make them look like they belong in space or the future.

Some Ideas I have is using 28mm weapons like pistols as heavy weapons mounted on artillery basses. I want to pick up some 15mm colonial cannons and such to use them for the mounting of the HW. Picture a bolt pistole upside down as on a cannon mount.

Well I should be getting them in the mail today or tomorrow, and will post photos as soon as I can. I have never seen a photo of Old Glory 15s Zulu brits.

Here is what I hope to get them to,


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This post was moved from my Fantasy blog. I was using a new tool to blog but it picked the wrong blog to publish to.

Some years back I picked up 6 of the alien tanks for Old Crow miniatures, they have been in a box for years. This pass weekend I decided to put them together, and make basses for them. I have 3 Tanks, and 3 APC.

The Tanks.

Now the APCs.

Tank next to some Tau'ri.

I know they look the same, but they are not. The tanks have 4 guns (wing tips and cockpit), and the back of the tank tapers off. The APCs have the cockpit guns, and the back is taller, with a hatch for the troops to enter, and exit. But they do use the same wings, and cockpit section. Over all I love them, and they are easy to put together. All that is needed is some light sanding of the body, ware the cockpit connects. I did not need to pin any thing, and use the new gorilla glue (there super glue).


OOPS. I posted on the wrong blog.

I added photos of my old crow tanks on my fantasy blog.

I will try to move them here.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Troop Types for USE ME.

My troop types for the game USE ME will be the Space Orc, and Tau'ri. Now as a 40k player I fell in love with two races, and want to bring the back story only of these races into USE ME. I will not use any IP related name or troop types in this posting. As per my rant post I will not ask the author to post any work that dose infringe in the IP of another company. Also I will use the rule as the stand for USE ME and not try and make the game fit 40k, but rather create army lists that reflect what it is I like about the races.

What is an Orc? Here is one simple definition of the word Orc “A monstrous humanoid creature, semi-intelligent and usually aggressive”. Other definitions are very similar to this one, adding things like very warlike, skin color, hight. There are a grate number of differences to the name Orc, and I hope to play to then all.

First is the Nob.

The standard Orc boy. Form MJ miniatures (now defunked).

The Heavy weapon Boy. Form MJ miniatures (now defunked).

The Heavy armored Orc Nob. Form MJ miniatures (now defunked).

Lastly the Shia-Khan. This Orc if of a higher inelegance, capable of more human like war tactics. From 15mm uk.

Not shown at this time are.
Dreadnought (6mm epic gargant minis).
Bikes. Form MJ miniatures (now defunked).
Mega Armored Orcs. Form 15mm uk.
I still need some tanks, and trucks to fill out the ranks. I will also be getting some fantasy Orcs to use as feral Orcs.

Now for the Tau'ri. this is a collective minded race. All member of this race are working to better the race as a hole. They also will use captured or defeated enemies as conscripts that have been converted the the collective way of life.

First is there battle suite.

Next is there shock trooper.

Regular trooper.


Advance AI Drone.

The Tau'ri minis are form Peter Pig, the Battle suite is from DP9 and they are counters of some type. I just had to give them a head.

Not shown.
15mm Alien AFV from Old Crow Models.
I have 3 APCs, and 3 Tanks from there range.

I also need to find a race to use as the defeated, and I think I have found this race, from khurasan miniatures


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

USE ME xls roster

Just created this roster. I will be editing this blog entry with my version changes, to both the XLS, and Open Office versions.

USE ME ROSTER V1.2 for open office


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Orcs, the next round!

Well I have finished yet another 10 Orcs yesterday. I have noticed I still paint 15mm, the same way I paint 28mm miniatures. I tend to make them to dark. I spend allot of time lighting up the minis. Well here is 2 photos of the next batch.

All minis from the MJ miniatures Orc line, that is now OOP.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Painted Orcs.

I Have painted up some of my Orcs and here are 3 photos of them. I have mounted these minis on my button bases.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Rules Review: USE ME, form 15mm UK. I give it thumbs up!

Warning: Be advised that I suck at writing, you will read at your own risk, and ignore any and all seplling, punctuation, and typos. This review is my opinion, and my differ form those of the author, and other readers.


In the never ending hunt for 15mm Scifi platoon level or higher rules there are very few out there. For the last 6 months I have been on a personal crusade to find just the right set of rules for my needs. I need a rules set that takes the battle of the 15mm out of skirmish, and brings it into large scale battles. Playing skirmish based rules for years I want to use 15mm to its full potential.

It is no secrete that I am testing out a number of rules sets at this time, and have no problem listing them.

  1. Gruntz (free beta)
  2. FUBAR (Free)
  3. Tomorrow's War ($20. pre release, two pdf books, will have to buy full release next year)
  4. Forge of War (Free)
Here is a list of games I have had for years.
  1. Imperial Commander (15mm UK)
  2. Star Grunt II (Free pdf noe)
  3. Beamstirke (Free clone of IC)
  4. Fast and Dirty (Free)
Two weeks ago I got an email telling me of a new rule set from 15mm UK. My first thought was another game like ALS. I looked at buying ALS but I did not like the multi-unit basing, I want units that can interact with terrain. 

Read the description on the 15mm UK web site this rule set promises to offer the player the following, and that list got my attention....................

1D6 Action
Fast Play
Totally Generic
Use All your Miniatures
Upscale the Conflict
Skirmish, Battle, Campaign, Solo Play
All You Need in One Place

Yea right!!!

I was faced with two options. 1) Get Tomorrow's War - large pdf books that will take a long time to read, cost $20. for the pre release, and I have to still buy the final book next year. 2) Spend $5.55 US dollars on a rule book that promises every thing I have been asking for in a small rule book. Well I did both...... I picked up both rules sets and wanted to compare them side by side. Well It will be some time before I can compare them both as TW is just to big for me. I will get to it but It is two books FoF 151 pages, and TW 101 pages.

Now for the meat.

I placed the order, and received my order form 15mm UK in 8 days total. Form UK to New Jersey USA, in 8 days is not bad service. The box, was a very small flat box about 4"x 5". Upon opening the box I found 10 minis ( I also needed some more minis), and this tiny booklet. The booklet is roughly 4"x5" inches in size, with 32 pages not including the covers. The text is well laid out and easy to read for younger eyes. So if you are older like me, I just put the bifocals on, and have no problem. Over all the text is a bit smaller than a paperback novel one might read.

Having only read through the booklet once, I picked up the rules fairly easily, with the examples it keeps the rules clear. I did see a few typos, and on the next read will inform the author of them. For the core rules I do not want to get  involved in explaining them. I rather want to make a point that they are simple, but can be complex depending on how you the player wants to use the rules. There is a point system (a must have for me) that is also simple. The point system is laid out on a two page chart, that will allow for a quick army list to be created. I will list some of the Army components that are covered in these rules.
  • Infantry (armored, unarmored, support weapons, and more)
  • Vehicles (light~heavy, armored, and unarmored with a ton of weapon types)
  • Mechs, Walkers
  • Off table support, and weapons.
  • And More
Next there is one page with advance rules, that can take a game to another level of play. I would bet that the advance rules would best be used in a smaller conflict game. There is a Campaign section, and this is one section I would love to make full use of, it is just that I would need a steady gaming group for this section. I do applaud the effort and the Quality of  this section. Now for the Solo game play section. I have to say I am not fully getting it. I think I would need to run through the solo play section at least once then collect my questions for the author. I have used THW's solo rules in the past, and they are like a machine in how they work. USE ME's system is not like this. This how ever dose not mean it is a non working system, it just means I have some questions about it. Also I did not pickup these rules for the solo play section, and I do not count them towards my final review.

There are some extras that you will need to get from 15mm UK once you pick up the rules. I simply emailed my request for the addons to 15mm UK. I was emaild back with a simple zip file containing, templates, counters, sample army lists, and a blank army list sheet. Over all a nice little addon. I do feel this should be a direct download from there web site. It dose not give away the rules core, so should not hinder the sales

The Pros and cons of these rules. Well I could list my P and Cs but you may not agree so I will give a light list of what I like and do not like.

I like the rules!!!! They are now at the top of my list of final contenders next to Gruntz.
I like the simplicity/complexity of these rules.
I love the scaleability of these rules form Skirmish to full out battle.

Do not like
Booklet, I have grown to love PDF files over printed books. I would have paid more for PDF if it was offered.
Lack of an online forum/group to support them. I am sure one will come.

Over all this is a great product in my opinion. A simple and fast set of rule that WILL meet my needs for large scale conflicts in 15mm. It also allows me to use my many non standard miniatures.

I am giving it 4 and a half stars.


Note: After the writing of this review I was in contact with the author. He explained that the typos would be addressed in the free extras zip file as well as being posted on the USE ME web page.

Note 2: The author informed me of this group.
The Official Alternative Armies Chat Forum!
Join the Notables Yahoo group, free PDF content, chat to other AA gamers and ask questions here: 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New desktop image.

I was reading a blog today Form Eli @ "I see lead people" and there was some art from and artist I have never heard of. Alex Ries, and he has a new piece of art I love. I love it so much it is now my desktop.

Click for the full size image.
 I love the feel of his  beings, and that they are not the normal for what comes to mind. His view is completely original.
And no this is not a MAC it is an IBM T43 laptop running my favorite OS Ubuntu Linux.

Friday, September 17, 2010

New 15mm rules!

Well I ordered the new rules from 15mm uk today. I know I have been reviewing beta, rules and rules like FUBAR, but the cost of the rules was so cheap I had to try them out. Also I get a free mini with my order. Then there is the fact I needed one more squad of Shia Khan troopers. For those groups I am active on this is not a done deal. I have been a lover of rules for so long I will still be looking at your rules.

1) Gruntz
3) THW 5150 lager scales rules.
4) Forge of War.
and not in that order but these are the one I am focusing on at this time.
I would love the other one for get the name but it is to hefty and the release dose not come till late next year. then I have to by two books to play.

well as soon as I get it I will post about it.


Monday, September 13, 2010


Well I shared my Idea on TMP as I all way do and this time I got kicked right in the jimmy for doing so.
Looks like I am going to make dam sure I will not offend people before I share my ideas, even tough the ideas and simple like bassing  my 15mm minis on a button. Yikes........

Then there is this hole thing called "IMHO". This 4 letter statement make every thing one says OK.

Life lesson: when some one uses "IMHO" I must excuse any insult, caused by said poster!


Buttons buttons who has buttons?

Here are some photos of my new basing that I am using. I have picked up some buttons from an online dealer on the cheap. What I did was trim the metal bases to fit in to the recess of the button, then glued them in. Once dried I filled in around the metal base with Durham's putty. I mixed it thin and piped it on with a plastic bag with a tiny hole in the corner. Then I took the bottom of the base and hit it with my sander. The bottom of the buttons are slightly rounded, so I wanted to knock that down a bit.

Photos 1 and 2 are the same batch of minis, and photos 3 and 4 are another batch. I did 3, and 4 first, then moved to 1, and 2.

You can also see in the above photos I have re-based some of the painted minis I have based earlier on pennies. Then you can clearly see ware I have sanded the bottom of the buttons to make it flat.

Well the next step is to clean up the water putty, and prime them for paint. I was going to use gesso but I think there are to many for that.