Monday, June 18, 2012

Noel's Log 6-18-2012

Well it is now half way through June, and my kids only have today and tomorrow in school. Summer is fast approaching. This weekend was as full as a weekend can be. Saturday: 9am soccer game (the girl's last game), 12 soccer all star game(the boy's last game), 2 kids went to a birthday party for a family friend's son (I needed a break). Then it was off to Monster jam, this was our birthday gift to our son now 7. I have been to many monster truck shows back in the 80s, and very early 90s,  and this was not even close to them. I did not know a truck can do a back flip, and one tried to do a double back flip. I was very happy, oh and my son was as well. I forgot I was there for him, it was that good of a show.

Sunday? Well that was Father's day and my wife and kids gave me a great day. My wife asked me at the end of the day if I had fun and I told her I did. I also told her she kept me from my minis but I did not miss it. Oh as a fat guy one would think I have had brisket but no I have never till yesterday. We had dinner at an award winning Texas BBQ joint. It was very good!!!!! My son eat all most half of my meal as he loved it as well.

On to the minis I did take time Saturday to work on minis. I was able to base some of my painted Dwarfs, and finish some bases of others I had not gotten to in some time. Here are some photos of what I based. I  did not take photos of all I worked on as I took the photos before going to work today. I also worked on a Demon, and a greater demon both for my lizard man army.

First 4 photos are Black Raven Foundry, from Old Glory 15s.

Next two are from Mirliton Dwarfs.

Next three are Rank & File from Old Glory 15s

I am currently reading books from Elizabeth Moon. Sheepfarmer's Daughter and Divided Allegiance both of these books are great. The first is about a girl who run away from home and joins and army. The next is about the same girl after she leaves the army and starts out on her own. The first book plays to my mass combat side of gaming, ware the later plays to my D&D side. Both are great. I will be picking up the 3 book in the series, but not before I go back to the John Carter of mars books.

Movies: I just saw the movie John Carter, and I do not care what people have said I loved it! I think that Disney made a big mistake by releasing this when they did. This should have been a summer movie. More me the one draw back was the actor who played John Carter was not good in this role. The rest of the movie was great from the beginning to the end. This is a must own for me, and I do not buy movies much.

Well that is it for me.

May the Die fall in your favor.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Ent

Well I gave my self till the end of today to finish this Ent I call Tree Beard, and I really finished it yesterday morning. I was lucky and every one in my house left me alone for a few hours.

To start this Ent is from Black Raven Foundry, and I have had is so long that I got it directly from BRF, and not Old Glory 15s. I got this and 5 more after seeing them in the LoTRs, but I did not have an army for them. So I got sick of  seeing them and decided to work on it.

I started wit the base model, and this one was unarmed, with his hands raised up. I fit a knight in to his hand, and it was a match. With a slight curve to his fingers i was done with that. Next how to make it look like a tree. With some copper bell wire I took 3 strands and twisted them to make the limbs. To hide the core I coated the wire in PVA glue mixed with water putty. Durham's rock putty I use this stuff for every thing, like the bases. I just mixed a bit in till I could still paint the PVA on, but it would not drip off, or shrink.

With Tree the way I waned him i was time for paint, flock, leaves, and clear coat. Have a look.

Here is the Ent with one of it limbs cut off.

Little man I will rip you in two!!!!!!!

Ent next to Demonworld knights.

Ent next to BRF Dwarfs.

Ent next to unknown Dwarf artillery.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Noels's log 6-6-12

So what have I been up to. Well I have gotten the fantasy bug more after reading the books about the Legend of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon. So I started to look at some new rules for 15mm mass combat. For years I have been a fan of Chipco's Fantasy Rules 2 & 3 then the new simple tournament rules. But I see that Chipco has fallen off the map. Not really they are just not active any more. So I picked up Rally Round the King from Two Hour Wargames, and the new Pride of Lions v2. I have gone through both and find I still like Fantasy rules. Do not get me wrong both rules sets are great, they just have some thing I do not care for. Rally has a focus on command, and this is cool but the units are a bit off for me. Pride well the army construction is odd. I have to by units in 3s, and that left me thinking of how to field single units. Both systems need a how to play video. As I can not make it to cons to see demos of the games this would help. One of the best for this is Robin From Gruntz. He has made videos to explain most of the rules. So it seems like I am sticking to Fantasy rules for now. Oh Chipco you need to cut the price down to $10.00 for both FR!3, and TCE together. You will then have a product back on the market. Now my hat go off to both Doc and Ed for two great rule sets. Whit the rules out of the way I have also set my self up to fail. I have till tomorrow night to finish my 15mm Tree beard mini. I have it bases and primed now just waiting for it to dry. Will post photos soon. May the die land in your favor.

Photos posted.