Friday, April 27, 2012

The New Path for This Blog!

Well I have been Blogging from awhile now, and I rather like the Blog format. That was not all way so..... I have had some sort of web site from years now, I think I started my first in 1998 on Geocities, then moved on from there. I have even had my own server and hosted my Web page from my house. Well with Google killing Google Web pages, and moving to Google pages, I got sick of years worth of changes. I then started this blog, for SciFi, and one for Fantasy. As of late I have discovered I no longer want to host two Blogs, I juts want to host one. So I have seen other go through this very same thing, and convert, and move stuff all over the place. I am not going to do that. I am going to keep things as they are on this Blog. I am not going to change the name, the link, or any thing that will confuses the people that do follow me. I am just going to post what is on my mind here!!!!!!

Also I have signed up for the Adsence to be added to my blog. I am not doing this to be greedy, and try and take from my followers. I sat and thought of this, and came up with what I call a great plan to support my minis, and mostly 15mm. I will place ads on my Blog, collect the money, and spend that money ONLY on miniature base items. This is not just an idea, or a nice thing to do but a pledge. 100% of all monies collected from Ads on my Blog Will go to the purchase of Miniature related items. Of the items my focus will be on 15mm. This pledge will go so far as to only be spent on legit vendors, not person to person, and eBay items. Not one cent of this will ever make its way to GW!

Why am I doing this? I am not a man of money, and what I mean by that is I have limited amount of money to spend on my hobbies. I have seen people take risks over the last few years, to bring a great wealth of 15mm stuff to market. I want to support them and their work, and this is one way of doing so. When, and if I collect money from Ads I will post on this Blog who I am making a purchase with, and what items I am buying.

Also I am going to try an be more regular with posts. I am by no means a writer, but I have so much I can write about. So if you can deal with my poor writing ability, I will try an push out a post a week. I will go back though my vast collection of minis and see if there is some thing I have not written about, and get it done. I will be calling this weekly post Noel's Log. Now This my start as weekly and end up biweekly. I also want to link my G+ account, and G+ Miniature page with this Blog. Now I not a supper big fan of Bloggers tool, and it never turns out as I would like it, but it is the easiest Blog tool to use. I may look for a new lay out soon but from now it will stay the same.

Now you can see I started to go off track in that last paragraph, and that is my poor skills. When I ponder about my skills the number of posts drop off, so once more if you can deal with my skills I will try and push stuff out.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Yet Another Timely Post From ME!

Hi All,
I have been busy as all ways, and have only grabbed hobby time in small bits. I have been working on the TV room in our house. We have not been using our TV room, or Den for years, and have decided to make it a functional room for the hole family. So I ripped out the carpet and put down a new floor. Now the only ones who liked the carpet was the dogs, and they used it as a toilet.

Here is the floor half done. I was completely done after finishing this project.

Next on the mini front, I was able to pick up some new to me minis online. A great Guy was parting with some Khurasan units (unpainted), and some Old Crow vehicles. Here is the prime box I used. The tanks I did on another box in black.

I was able to offer him what he wanted, and they cam in this past week. I have all was wanted to get some of the Khurasan units as they are very nice looking, kinda like Haloish. But I was never sure how I would paint them up. So as I was moving crap around my desk at home I saw my copy of Battle Field 2142 (PC game) and I loved the way the units would have Orange on there uniforms. Also I do not buy into the need for camo in the future. With tech being as high as it is now, I do not need to really see you. So I opted for a simple OD green, with Orange added. I have painted and dipped them I just now need to do the bases, and come back with a mat or flat finish coat to dull them out. The APC is just painted and not finished yet, soon I will dip it!!!

So I do like them.
Next I have been reading the Micro scenarios from Gaven from 15mm UK, and I am going to play them all out in Universal Battle. I am going to change it up a bit, but putting Space Orcs up as the bad guys. I got this idea from a guy running the old RT At The Farm scenario, and I loved the AAR he did. So keep you eyes open for a bit on that set of games. Oh yes I will be using USE ME for the rules.