Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Ratz are complete!

Well over the last two weeks I have been picking at the last 4 Ratz for my warband. Well they are now done!!!!! This is now my first completely painted SBH warband. Now I still have 3 more to paint.
I started this warband years ago for Mordhiem, but could not get me head around the color scheme for Ratz. I took the plunge and just started painting my 10 year old Ratz. I think they came out great using the block, and dip method, and that may have been my problem painting them. See I have been out of 28mm painting for so many years, and did not go back to my old ways. So getting this warband done has helped me start my next warband, the Hunters of Evil.

So here is the hole warband, in an old Modrhiem building, not the best lighting on the photos.
I started this based on a Mordhiem skaven warband, and they were mostly slingers, and the minis I had for the slings were very old GW skaven. So with SBH, the slings did not satat out that well, so I am going with throwers (daggers, stars, and the like). I have one sling thrower, and 3 dagger throwers. That mixed with the brawlers, and my leader I think this is a great warband.

I have put this warband to the test VS my Hunters, and they kicked but.......


Monday, July 15, 2013


Well it has been over a month without a post from me, so here is what I have been doing. About three weeks ago I switched gears (as I often do) and picked up my SBH stuff again. If you do not know SBH is Song Of Blades and Heroes a fast play Skirmish game. I have replaced Mordhiem with SBH. So in making this switch I have moved back to my 28mm miniatures, and started to paint them. I have 4 war bands, and decided to work on my Ratz. Now I had a war band all picked out, and minis for each member, but I did not like my sling throwers, as they were very old GW plastic, I am talking late 80s, early 90s static posed ratz. Remembering I still had a few un-assembled Mordhiem Ratz to build, I decided to replace the old ones with new ones. Last weekend I got started with rebuilding my Ratz Warband. My Old War band had four sling throwers, and I replaced three of them with throwing weapon Ratz, shorter range but a bit higher combat stat.

Now that I had it on paper, I started on completing the minis. I put the missing minis together, and primed them up. Yesterday I set to painting them, and completed 4, plus finished the leader.
Before I finished the bases.
Do not ask how I made this motion gif, as Picasa did it for me with out me even knowing.

So here is 5 of my nine Doom Ratz, the last four are half painted. I have switched to faster painting method, as I have given up on making show stopper paint jobs. I want my minis for play, and they just need to be play ready. So I paint them in a simple block painting with very little highlight, and no shading, or inks. Then I dip them. I am very happy with how they have come out , and with the dip method. I know it is hard to see in the photos, but for the rusted armor look I have mixed sliver with a touch of bronze, but I did not mix it well. By leaving it unmixed it painted on blotchy, and this gave me the rusted armor look, quickly.

I hope you like them.