Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend report.

Well this weekend I did some work in my hobby room. First I made another big batch of flock. Once more this is using old tea leaves, and mixing in some paint. I know I said I would post a video, but My camera sucks for video, and I do not have a way to hold the camera while I make the flock. But it is simple. Think of this as more of staining the tea than panting it. I put about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water in a cup, and squirt paint in. I put in as much as to color the stick I stir it up with. If I pull the stick out and the paint runs off I add more. Once I have my paint and water mixed up I sift in the tea while I mix it up. I stop adding when it lumps up. Keep mixing till it is all covered. Then I put it on a paper plate and chop it up with the mixing stick. I now put it in the microwave for 10sec then mix it up on the plate (repeat about 8 time) to start the drying process. Next I great it by pushing it through a small scrap of window screen over a cup. I will do this twice if the lumps are big. That is it. When I make this I really do this three times each one is a diferent

 Here I tried some pencil shavings, this should make some cool razor grass, or some thing.
 Then I finished off the second half of this squad (the gray uniform on the left), and used the new flock on all 8 of them, and added a bit of static grass.

 I then started on the last squad of them.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Psionics + Orc = Weird boys in 15mm

I have been thinking of adding more of the RT troop types, and saw the 15mm scifi rules I like had rules for Psionics in them so why not add the Weird boy.

I started with 3 fantasy Orcs I had left over from when I had a Orc fantasy army. Did a few mods to them, like removed the shields, and added guns. The main Weird boy was simple I added a shoulder pad, and that is it.

Please note these photos are not my normal high quality. I know it looks like the boy has a banner but it is in the back ground. Look close and you will see he hold a spear. I have also used my tea leave flock on the bases, but I still want to add static grass to them.

I have also been working on some more dreadnoughts, and here is one using PC cable as machine gun bullets. 

As All way I hope you like what I have done.