Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Scene Orcs are back.

Well it looks like the Scene is selling the Orcs once more, but the photos are not showing up on there web site. I will try and get photos of them up here soon.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Scene's MMinitures removal!!!!

I just found out about the range of 15mm Scifi Miniatures form the company the Scene. It looks as if one of the Big guys out there is going after the little guys again. This big guy has not been mentioned but I am going to jump up and say who I think it is, GW!!! I have seen this in the past as they took on one of my favourite game company DemonBlade games. DB had a rang of mini called the Orgs and well looked like Orcs, but they did not look like GW's space Orcs. Never the less DB lost the case and pulled the minis of the shelves. I was lucky enough to have a ton of them, and picked up more from eBay. Now I think that some of the minis are close to the old school GW space Orks, but they are not close to the new ones. So I don't see how they have the right to go after the Scene. If GW wins this then any one who has some thing that looks some what like some one else's product then they should be sued!!!! Now did GW ever look at the range from AA, as there minis look just like the old Blood axe space Orks. I have seen these minis for years, and have had them in my collection for about 8 yeas, so why can they get away for GW, but the Scene can not. I know of a few other company's out there that have a line close to one of GW's lines, but these company's are big! So why dose GW not go after them?????? Next we will see GW attack any company making a miniature, as they make miniatures. This just makes me sick. Now I have to say the GW's minis are some of the best in the world, but there other products have come up way to short. The rules they have created over the last 10 years have well sucked!!!!!! The have great ideas but pore equitation of them. Not to mention once they put a new product on the market they drop support, quickly there after. I see GW as a money hungry pig!!!

The Scene is not selling a 28mm product, so why should they come under attack?

I have pledged never to buy another GW product, as long as they attack the small company's that are not competing against GW.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why no new posts!!!

Well I have not been posting in a long time and this is partly due to a packed summer, and a new job role. With the summer being full with vacations, and weekend fun I was not able to work on my TTG stuff. I have also been given the a lateral promotion at work and I jumped at it. I am now closer to home, but have no time to work on TTG stuff. Things are settling down, but it is now fall and time to clean up the yard and get ready for winter so I am not sure if I will have time till early winter.

Well this is just an update and as soon as I have some content I will post it.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Force XXI looks to be back in bis!!!

I have to put a plug here for Force XXI. Mel is coming back, and is looking to expand his range of low cost good looking minis and armor for 15mm.
Force XXI
I have a few of these vehicles and love them. I also had some of the troops, and they were very cool as well. I did sell off the troops to make room for my 15mm orks. The one thing Mel needs to work on is his rules. I picked them up and was not that happy with them. I opened them to find a pile of papers. If Mel would take the time to re-edit them, and fix the charts the rules would be worth buying. I would also like to see them in PDF and a bit cheaper.

Over all I am glad to see Mel make a come back during this time of 15mm SciFi.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Theorky 15mm: My Painting Desk!

Theorky 15mm: My Painting Desk!

Tanks Tanks, and more Tanks!

Well I have a fav tank and that is the Lemanmuss. When I was playing 40k I have a bunch of them for both my Orks, and my IG armies. So when I moved to 15mm this is the tank I wanted to use. The problem was no one made it in 15mm, and that would be a copy right issue. But one day I found a web site that had the plans for most 40k vehicles. I took a look at them and though I could scale it down and make some for 15mm. I printed it out using the % print option and sure enough I was able to make a Lemanmuss in 15mm. Here are some photos of my first one. Now this tank is a bit big and will need to scale it down a bit more, but it was the first.

Here you see the tank with some minis, so you get a feel for the size. And yes this tank is made out of paper, and PVA glue. I did you card stock (thick paper) and I printed it out on my regular printer. And yes the main gun barrel is paper. I rolled the card stock around a drill bit and glued it in place.


My Orcs!!

Here is my war boss for my Orc army. I have converted a Black Raven Foundry Fantisy orc to be the boss. I have added bits form 28mm minis to get that lager than life look.

Here are 2 of my many Orc bikes I have. These are from The Scene But I got them from MJ miniatures before the sold them off to The Scene.

This looks like a GW Epic Gargant, but it's not! This was some very OOP tinbot that some one gave me. I have 4 of them and will be using them as Dreadnought armored Orcs. I also have Epic Gargants I will use as well for the same.

Well I hope you like.


15mm Orcs!!

Back in the day I played 40k and loved the Orks, I mean I really loved them. I had well over 3k worth of them and 1/2 of my army was OOP minis. Now this was back at 40k 2nd ed, with the 3rd ed of 40k the orks lost there flavor completely. Try as I did I could not like this new ed of 40k, so I sold them off. I know they have brought some of the ork flovor back in the new ed of 40k but the cost of the game is way to high for me. So over the last few years I have been collecting 15mm Orcs in hopes of recreating that flovor. I started out with the rule from Table Top Games Imperial Commander, then moved to Beamstrike. The only problem was time. Now I am starting to get some time to work on my minis both SciFi, and Fantasy, and want to share this with all who are into 15mm gaming. So I will be splitting my time between the two and posting as much as I can.


SciFi Comparsion photos.

Here are photos of my SciFi minis in a side by side view. From the photos all of these minis work well with each other.

This first group is just my Orcs.
L to R Fantasy Orc converted, MJ Orc (the Scene), 2 from AA Shia Khan (15mm UK), Another MJ Orc.

This next group has some others mixed in.
L to R Peter Pig SciFi trooper, MJ (The Scene), AA (15mm UK), GZG, Laserburn redem (15mm UK).


Blog change!

I was to be working on this blog with a friend of mine, but he is unable to get into the site. I will be posting his work for him, when he sends it to me. So I have decided to rename the blog to fit with my other blog. My other blog is Theorky 15mm and is currently about 15mm Fantasy.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Peter Pig Slide Show!

Here is a slid show of my Peter Pig SciFi 15mm dudes and some of my Tanks by Force XXII. Click on the slide show to bring you to the photo album to see the full size photos.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yet another blog form me!

Well I have decided to create another blog this one will focus on my 15mm SciFi gaming. I have asked another person to work on this blog with me. When he is ready he will introduce him self here. I will be uploading some photo of my mini soon.