Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Solo VTT game using the USE ME 001 rules.

I decided to play a follow up to my last solo game based on the Orc VS the Guard. I also want to set this up  quickly so I did not follow any points. I started with a few squads of Guard, defending a checkpoint, and a pile of Orc advancing on them. The goal was to hold out till turn 8 and the Guard did.

Looking at the turn 1 photo you can see how the two armies are deployed. the two units that are hard to see are the crew weapons from the guard. Looking at the two block items in the center of the check point they are on top of the blocks.

Over view of the game at the end of this post.....

Turn 1: Guard: Moved the flank units out to the sides. gun crew units fired on the bike but did not hit.

Turn 1: Orc: All units moved forward, Bike took out one guard member from the center line.

Turn 2: Guard: Flank units head to the rocks for cover and to wait for the Orcs to close. Crew guns fire but no hits. Front ranks aim and fire, get lucky and take out a Bike.

Turn 2: Orc: Move forward, units that could fire do so with no effect.

Turn 3: Guard: Right flank PA unit fired on the Orcs for a winged. Left flank walker fire for no effect. Right crew weapon took out a bike. The rest had no effect.

Turn 3: Orc: Moved forward, both bikes and Deard's fried for no effect.

Turn 4: Guard: First turn for reinforcements, d6 need a 6 and got a 2, so no reinforcements this turn. Right flank PA  fired on the Orcs for 3 kills, and 1 struck. Left flank walker fires on the Orcs and gives two of the struck markers. Right guard sent a hail of bullets into the bikes and took out 3 of them. Right crew weapon took out a Dread, and the center guard did the same, but let one Dread winged. 

Turn 4: Orc: As all ways they moved forward.The remaining Dread charged the center guard. The Left flank fried on the PA unit and left two of them winged. Right flank fired on the walker for a struck. Second Dread unit fired on the left crew weapon, killing one of the crew, and winged the other. The center Orcs did the same to the right crew weapon team.

Turn 5: Guard: Reinforcement roll need 5 or 6, and got a 1. No reinforcements this turn. Front unit in HTH with the Dread and give it a a struck wound. Both crew weapons fire at reduced rate, with both missing. Right flank PA unit, two make their auto repair, then the squad opens up on the Orcs, with 4 kills. Left flank walker fires on the Orc line with 3 kill spread over two shots. Left guard move to cove center.

Turn 5: Orc: Keep moving forward. Center Dread in HTH with the the center guard, kill 2. the other Dread squad move to block line of sight, and get a better shot, end with 5 hit and not damage on the left guard unit.
Left flank move to HTH with the PA unit, for one kill. Right flank fire on the walker and take it out.

Turn 6: Guard: Once more the guard fail the reinforcement roll, and are left on their own. The center unit finish the job on the Dread with a HTH kill. Right flank PA HTH 1 kill 1 winged. Left guard move back and fire on the Dread unit, no hits. Left crew weapon fires at reduced rate, on the Orc with 2 killed, and 1 winged. Right crew same as the left fires n the Orc with 1 killed.

Turn 6: Orc: Dread fire on the left guard, as well as the Orc for a total of 3 kills.

Turn 7: Guard: Yeah they make their roll, and get a APC and a 6 man squad deploying to the left. APC opens on the Dreads for a kill, and the new squad fires on the Orcs for a kill and a winged. Left flank PA unit fires on Orcs for a struck. Right crew weapon get a kill, left crew weapon gets 2 kills. Remaining left squad fires on Dreads for a struck. Center fires on the Orcs for a kill.

Turn 7: Orc: Left flank HTH with PA get a kill (PA makes his auto repair to make him struck). Center Orcs get a kill on the Center guard. Dreads get 2 kill from the left guard. The right fires on the new guard squad for a kill.

Last Turn........
Turn 8: Guard: Right flank PA unit HTH with the Orcs get 4 kills. The APC get 2 kills and a winged on the Dreads. Right crew weapon fires and kills two Orcs. Left reinforcements get a kill. Right guard move to cover lift side of the check point. 

Turn 8: Orc: The remaining Orc from the center charges the guard, for a kill. Left flank get 2 HTH kills and a winged on the PA unit. The Right flank charged the reinforcements for a kill and a winged.

The End!

This is a cleaned up image of the battlefield at the end of turn 8. Here you can see the Orc's are out numbered, and will not last many more turns. Also the guard would roll for Reinforcements on a 1 for a d6, so they would get them.

Game overview:

Well I have fun playing out this solo USE ME game. I still some times miss items during the game, and for get a rule or two, but with hat in mind he is my overview. I played this game over two days, and yes I can save the game during play, and restore it as I go. This scenario was a simple defend and hold, and on turn 4 the Guard can roll for reinforcements. That did not go so well! 
To start the Guard was simply going to say put and defend it's position. I sent the PA (power armored unit) to the Right to cover the Orcs that would come that way, as well as sending the Walker. I learned the the PA are tough, and the walker got lucky, but need to be beefed up. Both units did their job well. The squads also did their job and held on very well. The big surprise to me was the two crew weapons. Both took big hits early, but after reviewing the rules they could fight with only one member alive. So both weapons fired, with one man and he was wounded, and they kept killing the Orcs. For me they are the over all winners of this battle.

Now the Orcs, they did their job, but I have made them to slow, and will alter that for my next battle with them. Also if they had a vehicle to transport them this would have changed the battle. the bikes, and Dreads were to soften the middle, allowing the flanks to come around for a pincer move. The Dammed Crew weapons held that option off. The HTH skills of the Orcs was spot on, and with more speed this battle would have been going their way not the Guards way. 

So tacitly I think I played both armies well, I just messed up on the Orc speed, and the Guard walker was way to weak.

So if you like this, and the fact that I used a Virtual Table Top let me know.