Friday, October 22, 2010

Troop Types for USE ME.

My troop types for the game USE ME will be the Space Orc, and Tau'ri. Now as a 40k player I fell in love with two races, and want to bring the back story only of these races into USE ME. I will not use any IP related name or troop types in this posting. As per my rant post I will not ask the author to post any work that dose infringe in the IP of another company. Also I will use the rule as the stand for USE ME and not try and make the game fit 40k, but rather create army lists that reflect what it is I like about the races.

What is an Orc? Here is one simple definition of the word Orc “A monstrous humanoid creature, semi-intelligent and usually aggressive”. Other definitions are very similar to this one, adding things like very warlike, skin color, hight. There are a grate number of differences to the name Orc, and I hope to play to then all.

First is the Nob.

The standard Orc boy. Form MJ miniatures (now defunked).

The Heavy weapon Boy. Form MJ miniatures (now defunked).

The Heavy armored Orc Nob. Form MJ miniatures (now defunked).

Lastly the Shia-Khan. This Orc if of a higher inelegance, capable of more human like war tactics. From 15mm uk.

Not shown at this time are.
Dreadnought (6mm epic gargant minis).
Bikes. Form MJ miniatures (now defunked).
Mega Armored Orcs. Form 15mm uk.
I still need some tanks, and trucks to fill out the ranks. I will also be getting some fantasy Orcs to use as feral Orcs.

Now for the Tau'ri. this is a collective minded race. All member of this race are working to better the race as a hole. They also will use captured or defeated enemies as conscripts that have been converted the the collective way of life.

First is there battle suite.

Next is there shock trooper.

Regular trooper.


Advance AI Drone.

The Tau'ri minis are form Peter Pig, the Battle suite is from DP9 and they are counters of some type. I just had to give them a head.

Not shown.
15mm Alien AFV from Old Crow Models.
I have 3 APCs, and 3 Tanks from there range.

I also need to find a race to use as the defeated, and I think I have found this race, from khurasan miniatures

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