Saturday, January 25, 2014

Work Bench January post.

Hello World, it is I Noel here with another Blog post.......
Well it has been a while, and I have not had much me time to play, but I have squeezed some in or the past two weeks. I have been working on my 28mm Fantasy stuff for SBH, and here are 4 beast-men I have painted up. I ran out of my normal flesh colour paint and tried a new brand, of flesh. It is a not anything close to my old colour. I do like it for the beasts. You will see them side by side in the last two photos. As all ways click for a larger view. Now I know in the photos they look like I spent hours on them, but no! I have been loving the dip method, and the prof is in the minis. These are simple quick paint jobs, no shading or inks, some light dry brushing. I dipped them in polyshades, then sprayed with dull coat. Now the one on the right in the photo just below is one I painted a long time ago, and not part of this bunch of 4. I am very happy with them, and look forward to finishing the bases.

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