Tuesday, May 31, 2016

4AD gaming

So I have been quiet as of late, yes. My normal life has exploded with activity. Kids in Spring soccer, getting the house ready for warm weather, and so on. So I have been playing 4AD, but I changed it up a bit. I have taken a slice from the deeper dungeon rules that made its way to the SOBH group and that is resting.

My adventure started out with a Warrior, Cleric, Elf, and Dwarf (there is too much fight in these guys). They have made their way in through 42 rooms, and have to stop collecting GP as they have reached their limit of 200GP each.

So what I have done is after 10 rooms I will allow them to rest for say the night. In the morning they get 1 LP back, and 1 Spell back. During the rest they must make 5 WM rolls. On the second night they rest, after the first WM roll of a 1, the remaining WM rolls will have WM show up on a 1-2. 
Using this I am able to stop play after 10ish rooms. I have stopped 3 time in the 42 rooms and have only faced 3 WM in total.

By the time I hit room 23, the party was all LV2 and killing every thing they met. What they were not seeing was bosses. So I decided to make all Vermin, and Minions the full amount. Say if it is 2d6 minions they just face 12. This helped a bit, but the party kills on.

I was hoping to fill the smaller graph paper with a map, and I can do this easily if I keep going, but there is getting to be little challenge at this point. I think having an all fighter party is not so fun after the first few rooms.

So I am going to continue with this party, but I have to up the ante for this party, but before I continue, I have to stop this game and play the new adventure that was released on Friday, then I will come back to this game.

Till then happy adventuring.

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