Saturday, July 25, 2009

15mm Orcs!!

Back in the day I played 40k and loved the Orks, I mean I really loved them. I had well over 3k worth of them and 1/2 of my army was OOP minis. Now this was back at 40k 2nd ed, with the 3rd ed of 40k the orks lost there flavor completely. Try as I did I could not like this new ed of 40k, so I sold them off. I know they have brought some of the ork flovor back in the new ed of 40k but the cost of the game is way to high for me. So over the last few years I have been collecting 15mm Orcs in hopes of recreating that flovor. I started out with the rule from Table Top Games Imperial Commander, then moved to Beamstrike. The only problem was time. Now I am starting to get some time to work on my minis both SciFi, and Fantasy, and want to share this with all who are into 15mm gaming. So I will be splitting my time between the two and posting as much as I can.

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