Saturday, June 19, 2010

"I have got it"

I have got it, For the last few years I have been trying to recreate the TAU from 40k in 15mm. Will this proved to be a tough task due to the IP rights to the name TAU. Well today I did some digging, and found some very cool info about the name TAU. Now if I spell it Tau this is not the same. This is a letter in the Greek alphabet. So I cold have simply spelled it that way. IF I spelled it T.A.U. this is short for Tel Aviv University. Some of what I have found was from this site INFO. So I have settled on doing an army with the name Tau'ri form Stargate. I am not going to post a back story but just finish my army and hope they turn out great. Also the symbols will look like this-

 This is very close to the 40k TAU symbol ware the top of the T is a circle.

TAU is the property of Games Workshop, and mentioned here for clarification only. I will never use the TAU names as printed by Games Workshop.
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