Friday, December 10, 2010

What I have been doing.

Well I have been quite busy since my fight with Lucky Joe has started, please do not think for a moment I have backed down. See I have had my hands full with other life issues. I know its sounds like a co- out, but I really have been busy with other things.

First project is my son's room. We promised him a Pirate room, and I have been hard at work with that. I have made a sail complete with skull and cross bones for his curtains. Painted, wallpapered, applied a border, planked his room door, and placed a gate latch rather than a door knob. We still need a few odds and ends to finish up.

Yes that is a skull in the upper left corner.

I have stained the door a dark oak, and beat the crap out of it, to give it that old look.

Then there was turkey day. Boy did I stuff my self. It was a small affair this year, as some of the family, could not be there, such as my brother inlaw, and long time friend who is fitting for his life. See we married sisters. Keep Strong John "kwyjibo" Hughes.

Then the my back went out on me. I could not even sit in my chair to paint for more than a few minutes. So that took a week and a half to get better. Now it is in to the Xmass time of year, and I have been busy getting the house set up with lights and decorations.

And this is my little snotlings, with the HoHo guy.

This weekend is out as I am off to NYC to see the big tree with the wife, kids, sister inlaw, and nice. Then Narnia on Sunday with me Boy, and Xmass shopping.

So Lucky Joy, you post your little photos of Orkiss, and electrical box buildings, because you are doing a great job with your stuff.

I ask for a for a parlay till the new year when I can attack in full force.

To All, A Merry Christmas, (insert your holiday if other than Christmas), and a happy new year.

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