Monday, December 27, 2010

Life after Xmass!

I have to say I have had another great xmass this year. Not what I got but time spent with the family. I got nothing for TTGs...... I did how ever get what I needed, like some shirts, slippers, a watch, and a new router. I also got new tires for the car yesterday, and just in time for the big snow storm in New Jersey. I was hoping that my order from 15mm uk was under my tree but no luck. I thought I ordered it well before the freeze up in Scotland hit, but I guess not. Well I hope to see it in the next few days.

I do hope every one got what they wanted and had a great xmass as I did.

I will be putting a project list together for next year, and i hope to get some real work done, with my armies and start on some terrain. I would also like to get a game or two in, at my local store.

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