Friday, February 18, 2011

My dirty little Secret!!!

Well, I am going to let it out today, and in front of all my followers, I am a audio book junky. There I have said it. With it being said I am now going to share with you my very best favorite author. But first let me explain some thing. I have lived in two worlds one in print, and one in audio, and I have a favorite author in each world. In print it's Dennis L. McKiernan, and his Fantasy books, followed by Dan Abnett. Then I switched to audio do to lack of time, having kids and an hour and a half one way commute to work. Born was the invent of some person or persons created this site for unknown authors to share there work. Some of the book are not so good, and some are well Great. This is ware I first found this author. Nathan Lowell, creator of the series of books "Traders Tales". Each book has taken me on a journey with "Ishmael Wang" through his life. So it here that I want to give praise to a great author, one who has given me so much. Thank You Nathan, and I can only repay you by buying your books as they are published. I want to share them with my kids some day, and hope they will pull some thing out of the books. No matter what I say or how I say it I could not write a review of his work. I find his work to be simple, and complex. It is by no means hard core SciFi with laser, and aliens, but a simple SciFi with a some times very deep story line. I would never want to be "Ishmael Wang" but I sure would love to know him.

Here's looking into the deep dark.

Now for the harder SciFi I lean towards Scott  Sigler and his audio books. He is my second favorite audio author.

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