Saturday, February 26, 2011

Warzone Stuff!!!!

Reading TMP I cam across a blog that had some 15mm stuff for Warzone, and if you know me Warzone was and is still my favorite SciFi war game. The close second was ShockForce. Now these are my favorite 28mm rules, and back stories. 15mm puts me in another set of rules, like Beamstrike, and USE ME 001.

But at any rate I have a link to share with any one who loves, or would like to play Warzone. Mutant Chronicles Once on the web site click on English flag and have fun exploring the realm of Mutant Chronicles. I think every thing that was ever in print is up on the site, and is free to download. There is also  user created content for download. One things I have all ways wanted to do was build the imperial bridge in 15mm, and sure enough it is there I only have to print it to scale and build. I still have my 28mm bridge and love it.

But to follow along with this thought, there is a ton of 15mm miniature that would fit as Warzone with out conversion. So I may not pay the rules but I will model my next 15mm army after the Imperial (not the wolfs).


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