Sunday, May 15, 2011

Small May update.

This weekend I worked on my Proxi Trencher tanks from my last post. I have 6 of them and will host 2 tank squads. Also I needed to dress them up a bit. So each squad will have a lead tank, and that tank will have a commander, and extra storage. Also I drilled out the main gun. The photos below are of the lead tank, and the squad. I plan to paint them in a desert color scheme. Over all I love these tank models. These are simple to build, cheap, and simple to covert. Thanks Proxi.

Here is a not so great photo of both squads with there support my Praetorian guard.

Digging through my bitz box I found this AA mecha I picked up years ago,  and thought it would be a great addon to this army.

Here is the Mecha next to a P guard.

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