Monday, April 23, 2012

Yet Another Timely Post From ME!

Hi All,
I have been busy as all ways, and have only grabbed hobby time in small bits. I have been working on the TV room in our house. We have not been using our TV room, or Den for years, and have decided to make it a functional room for the hole family. So I ripped out the carpet and put down a new floor. Now the only ones who liked the carpet was the dogs, and they used it as a toilet.

Here is the floor half done. I was completely done after finishing this project.

Next on the mini front, I was able to pick up some new to me minis online. A great Guy was parting with some Khurasan units (unpainted), and some Old Crow vehicles. Here is the prime box I used. The tanks I did on another box in black.

I was able to offer him what he wanted, and they cam in this past week. I have all was wanted to get some of the Khurasan units as they are very nice looking, kinda like Haloish. But I was never sure how I would paint them up. So as I was moving crap around my desk at home I saw my copy of Battle Field 2142 (PC game) and I loved the way the units would have Orange on there uniforms. Also I do not buy into the need for camo in the future. With tech being as high as it is now, I do not need to really see you. So I opted for a simple OD green, with Orange added. I have painted and dipped them I just now need to do the bases, and come back with a mat or flat finish coat to dull them out. The APC is just painted and not finished yet, soon I will dip it!!!

So I do like them.
Next I have been reading the Micro scenarios from Gaven from 15mm UK, and I am going to play them all out in Universal Battle. I am going to change it up a bit, but putting Space Orcs up as the bad guys. I got this idea from a guy running the old RT At The Farm scenario, and I loved the AAR he did. So keep you eyes open for a bit on that set of games. Oh yes I will be using USE ME for the rules.
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