Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Noel's Log 5-14-12

Well this is a fine start to my Log. I stated I would post weekly and I have nothing for this week. Well I am a bit behind as I am off on vacation (holiday to all of you across the pond from me). I have a ton of work at work to get ready for vacation. See I am a one man IT department at my company, and they are sending a temp from another site to fill in. Then i have to pack and such at home.

I am off on a cruse for 7 days with the wife and kids. I have a new rule book to read from Two Hour Wargames "Rally around the King. I also need another audio book, and will get one on Friday. I am thinking another Johny Ringo book. I read Live free or die, so I will get the second book for that series.

So I will not have any thing for at least two more weeks.


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