Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Noel's Log 5-1-12

Welcome to my very first posting of Noel's Log.

Well here it is my first log. I have changed the look of the Blog to help it be a bit cleaner looking. I still hate the Blogger tools, and the lay outs never work well. I start a post and some thing all ways goes wrong, and lines to not line up any more. You can see this on the bottom of the Old Crow photo. I spent 20 minutes trying to get the line right. Well it work, just not great, and I have tried some other tool and there is all ways an issue. Read, enjoy, comment, and if you have some thing to add, or want to post some thing I will create a guest heading.

I have been painting some of the fine miniatures from Khurasan Miniatures, and I have been working on the Terran Federal minis. In a past post I talked about these miniatures, and coming up with a color scheme for them. Well I have made yet another change to this. After applying the dip I found them to be to dark. I have altered the color for lighter green with brown clothes.
It is a bit hard to see from this photo but the trooper on the left is a bit lighter then the trooper on the right. I did still keep the orange highlights. Over all I have to say I love these minis. I have painted 18 of them and prepped another 12, and only one had bad lines, and 2 had bad flash between the legs. I will buy more of these guys in the future.

Next I would like to show some side by side form different manufactures. This is just for fun, and I take no responsibility for the miniatures, as I only painted them.
Right to left: The Scene, Old Glory 15s, Khurasan, MJ (oop), Shia Khan 15mm UK.
Right to left: The Scene, Old Glory 15s, Khurasan, MJ (oop), Shia Khan 15mm UK.

Old Crow tank with miniatures from The Scene.

*Book Review....
Book: The Kingkiller Chronicle: The Name of the Wind
Book: The Kingkiller Chronicle: The Wise Man's Fear
Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Audio book
I did not read these two book but rather listened to them, as I do audio book. I have a 45 minute commute to work each way and this is my free time.
These two books were unlike any I have done. The tale is a bit strange as the main character sits down to relate his life story to a chronicler. I was hooked in the first 45 minute trip home. I was so nuts about this book I would get to work and sit in my car for 10 more minutes. 10 minutes is how long the power stays on in my car when you turn the key off. I really can not get into the story as I am not that good of a writer my self. But I can say this guy tweaked fantasy just enough to make it fresh, and like new. Well worth the read, or listen.

Big con: The third book is not out!!!!!!

*Work Bench....
Well I have the minis I have picked up on the bench, but I also have downloaded all the scenarios from Barking Irons for the USE ME 001. I will be playing them out solo using the online tool Universal Battle. I am going to tweak Gavin's work a bit, and make it mostly Orcs fighting the human forces, as that is all I have for bad guys. I have the units in UB all ready, I just have to build the map boards. I know UB is a fantasy based system, but with the unit builder and a touch of imagination you can make all most any thing.

I have been thinking of this type of scenario for a while now, and have been thinking of doing my own. So I am jotting down some notes, and mine will most likely be open for a large number of rule sets.

Robin over at Gruntz, has come up with some new videos showing off his shooting, and close combat rules.
Over the last two years Robin has risen to the top in my book as a force behind the 15mm SciFi moment.
Head over to his site and have a look at not only his rules, but the fantastic tables, and miniatures he put forward.

Well that is is for now, but I will have more for next weeks Noel's Log.

May the die fall in your favor!
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