Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Ent

Well I gave my self till the end of today to finish this Ent I call Tree Beard, and I really finished it yesterday morning. I was lucky and every one in my house left me alone for a few hours.

To start this Ent is from Black Raven Foundry, and I have had is so long that I got it directly from BRF, and not Old Glory 15s. I got this and 5 more after seeing them in the LoTRs, but I did not have an army for them. So I got sick of  seeing them and decided to work on it.

I started wit the base model, and this one was unarmed, with his hands raised up. I fit a knight in to his hand, and it was a match. With a slight curve to his fingers i was done with that. Next how to make it look like a tree. With some copper bell wire I took 3 strands and twisted them to make the limbs. To hide the core I coated the wire in PVA glue mixed with water putty. Durham's rock putty I use this stuff for every thing, like the bases. I just mixed a bit in till I could still paint the PVA on, but it would not drip off, or shrink.

With Tree the way I waned him i was time for paint, flock, leaves, and clear coat. Have a look.

Here is the Ent with one of it limbs cut off.

Little man I will rip you in two!!!!!!!

Ent next to Demonworld knights.

Ent next to BRF Dwarfs.

Ent next to unknown Dwarf artillery.

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