Friday, June 8, 2012

Noels's log 6-6-12

So what have I been up to. Well I have gotten the fantasy bug more after reading the books about the Legend of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon. So I started to look at some new rules for 15mm mass combat. For years I have been a fan of Chipco's Fantasy Rules 2 & 3 then the new simple tournament rules. But I see that Chipco has fallen off the map. Not really they are just not active any more. So I picked up Rally Round the King from Two Hour Wargames, and the new Pride of Lions v2. I have gone through both and find I still like Fantasy rules. Do not get me wrong both rules sets are great, they just have some thing I do not care for. Rally has a focus on command, and this is cool but the units are a bit off for me. Pride well the army construction is odd. I have to by units in 3s, and that left me thinking of how to field single units. Both systems need a how to play video. As I can not make it to cons to see demos of the games this would help. One of the best for this is Robin From Gruntz. He has made videos to explain most of the rules. So it seems like I am sticking to Fantasy rules for now. Oh Chipco you need to cut the price down to $10.00 for both FR!3, and TCE together. You will then have a product back on the market. Now my hat go off to both Doc and Ed for two great rule sets. Whit the rules out of the way I have also set my self up to fail. I have till tomorrow night to finish my 15mm Tree beard mini. I have it bases and primed now just waiting for it to dry. Will post photos soon. May the die land in your favor.

Photos posted.
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