Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Orc Dreads painted up!

This weekend did not see allot of painting, but more priming of all my lose Orcs. I am trying to build them into units, and fraction. I did get two more of my Dreads painted, but they need their bases, and banners added.
These Dreads are modeled after the Evil Suns, all things machine! I did not want to place glyphs like the other Dreads, but rather a emblem on the belly was just the right touch for them. The last photo is just for comparison between the different styles of each fractions.
I am still waiting for Gruntz 1.1 to come out, and their army/unit builder so I can stat up the Orcs for Grunts, as well as for USE ME rules.

What I plan for my rules is this, and I know some will argue this but it is how I feel. Both Gruntz, and USE ME are great systems in their own right but they have a defined role in wargaming. I feel Gruntz is a great skirmish level game, and USE ME is meant for Mass Combat.
How I define the two.
Skirmish level games are 50 or less miniatures per side, and Mass Combat are 50 or more miniatures per side. My plan is to field my entire Orc hoard of well over a 150 miniatures, and some day it will be over 200. Gruntz will take all day to play that type of game out.

Now I could simply use USE ME for skirmish level as well, but I feel the games will be over very quickly, and this would only be good if I was going to play a number of games in one night. So I wait for Gruntz 1.1 so I may print off a copy, and get reading the rules.

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