Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekend update.3-3-2013

Last week I read a Blog (sorry forget from who) about building armies for 15mm, and this got me thinking about my armies, and what I have been doing about building them. You all know of my Space Orcs, and my Praetorian guard, and my Mid tech from Khurasan, but I also have some Peter Pig scifi  guys. I am not sure they sell the range any more. I have had these for some years, and never cared to much for them. See the minis are fine, it just the guns, they suck!!!!!!! It is like the hole army is armed with search light guns..... So going back and forth I decided to use them as TAU like race. Maybe an earlier TAU, one not so advanced, but still has very good tech. So I pulled them out of the old Army transporter case and set to finishing them off. Mostly they needed their bases done. I did finish painting about 10 of them, then finished the bases. I started with Rock putty, then paint, and then flock/static grass.
The elite.
Fire Warriors

Tau-ri regulars
Drone, and battle suit

OK now I have worked on this army, I still have two of the tanks (one above) to finish, as well as three APC. Then I decided to take a photo of how I have the laid out in the army line up.
KNight in background Marx Golden knight, and a  Roman I got from Small Blue Planet with
real metal bitz like swords, ans helm.

Gray is more 15mm to be painted. The wooden tray is a printer drawer. Hung on the wall
it holds my 28mm stuff. I have 4 of these trays in my home office.
The other two have all my GorkaMorka stuff.

So I spent time with an old army this weekend, but I did not get to play Tribes.


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