Monday, February 18, 2013

Miniature Monday post......
I did not get too much done on the minis this weekend. I had to work Saturday, and was getting frustrated with the update tool we use Call BigFix (IBM tools suck). They updated it, and now it crashes every time I create a update project in it. So a wasted day of work, and no minis to show for it.

So no Play time Saturday, but Sunday I got some good Play time in. Before Church I was able to get mug shots of most of my minis for card creation.
Photo Album

And then ended up with a hole bunch of 1.25" mug shots.
Small Images Photo Album
These photos do not look so hot untill you view then in the slide show, as they will be at their normal size.

I created the mug shots in this size for two reasons, 1 is for the new Gruntz army builder, and 2 is for the power point template I use for my USE ME cards. The power point requires the photo be 1.25" square to fit in a box section.

I took the photos using my old Blackberry (image of model below), then ran them through Picasa to clean them up.

Next to make them small, and place a border around them I used Irfanview a free fast photo viewer, editor. Irfanview has a batch editor so I was able to resize all the photo in less than 1 minute, then add the border in the same time.
This ends the miniature part of my Sunday.

Then comes a new PC game. I remember getting the very first Tribes release back in 98, and could not put it down. With out a doubt my favorite PC game ever. In 2001 Tribes 2 was released, a bit darker but still great. In 2004 Tribes Vengeance was released, and it SUCKED!!!!!! What a waste of a game. There was a free game like Tribes, I think it was called legends or some thing like that. It was an ok game but did not have much of a following. Also two of the guys that were behind the first Tribes created a free web based game, again not many followers. Now last year Tribes Ascend came out and it was very good, till I had to buy items to stay alive, so I dropped it. Yesterday I got an email from Steam stating they are releasing a game of the year edition. I picked it up as it was on sale for $29.00. I should only have to level up to get addons now.
I know there are other great FPS but I can not run them on my computer as I need a new video card. I want BF3, but the will have to wait, and I am now very happy with Tribes.

I wish I could run Tribes 1 under win 8, but it will not run. T1 is a great lan party game, and is free to download. You can get Tribes from and they do have a patch for Tribes to run on win7 so I may try that on my win 8 machine.

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