Sunday, June 9, 2013

Space Orcs in the works.

I read this week that the #1 product on 15mm UK is the Space Vikings, and well I just painted 4 of their Space Orcs. I also just finished a squad of GZG Mercs.

I have painted the 15mm UK Orcs to be Mega Armored Orcs. They are a bit blobby in the mid section, but I have a bunch more of them to get it right. One problem is working with yellow, and distressing them. Well see for you self.

Now here is the GZG mercs mingled in with the Mega units.

Now here are two test photos. After taking the above I tried to fix my camera. Some on in my house dropped it, and the case is all messed up. As it is a Canon power shot I felt it needed to be fixed.

So the dam thing still works.

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