Monday, March 10, 2014

Space Orc army TOE.

I have been reviewing my Orc, and have decided on the TOE of the army. I have been going back and forth for years as to the make up of the army. I still love the old RT days of the GW Orcs and want to use the back story of those glory days for my Space Orc army.

Below are photos of my horde as it stands, with numbers next to the units. I will list out each unit in the photos. The photos are not that great, but you will get a feel for the over all size. Once I get the horde painted I will move to make more vehicles. I also want to add some more boys but that will be much later.
  1. Mega Armored Space Orcs 4 units of 5 (15mm UK space pirates)
  2. BA commandos 3 units of 8 (GZG mercs)
  3. Hard boys (OOP MJ minuatures)
  4. Bad Moon (OOP MJ)
  5. Snake bite H2H nobs (OOP MJ)
  6. Warboss and squad. (mix)
  7. Freebooters 2 units of 10 (OOP MJ)
  8. Snake bites 2 units of 10 (OOP MJ)
  9. dreadnoughts 8 (epic gargants)
  10. Bad Moon (OOP MJ)
  11. Death skulls 2 units of 10 (OOP MJ)
  12. Bad Moon (OOP MJ)
  13. Evil Suns 2 units of 10 (OOP MJ)
  14. Blood Ax Boys 4 units of 9 (15mm UK, and MJ hard boys)
  15. Bikes 22 bikes in all (OOP MJ)
  16. Bad ass beast kit bash (VOID lizard thing, old GW tank parts) 

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