Sunday, May 4, 2014

Orc vehicle contest My entry

Well I started my entry for this contest. It is going  to be a gun truck, manned by goblins. I am still working it out in my head, but as per the rules here are photos of the base of the model. Now I can not win as I am hosting the contest on my G+ community "Space Orcs" but I need to be in it.

My own personal challenge is to do this truck with our spending one cent on it. I have to make it with what I have in my house. Well I found the wheels on one of my son's broken hot wheels in the back yard.

The bulk of this is plastic card stock, and the cab is not solid but I put it together like a box. I also found that using scissors for cutting cloth the zigzag pattern work on card stock.

Here is the truck next to a boy.

Well this is the first round of photos for this contest. 

Please if you have any interest in Space Orciod types join the group.

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