Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mega Orcs and a Dread

Well the summer has passed me by, no vacations this year, but allot of painting. The only issue is I was painting the inside of my house not minis. My wife has we need to paint out house, and she was right it is allot of work but it looks great.

I did how ever sneak in a few hours to paint. This past weekend I finished my 4 squads of Mega Orcs, and one Dread. I had painted the leaders some time ago, but needed to finish the boys. Well I think they came out very nice. I have seen others tweak their megas but I did not have the time, and if I do more I will. All flock was my tea flock with tufts of gail force 9 static grass.

 Here is another Epic gargant as a Dread. I uses a rotary gun from Shock Force OOP and computer flat cable as the ammo belt. I left this one hanging off for a different look. Also had to glif up the paint job. I still need to add a banner but it looks good.

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