Sunday, August 22, 2010

What have I done!!!

Today I have picked up a few items I wanted to try out. No not more minis, but hobby items. I picked up some Gesso and black paint. Now this was not as cheap as the people on the net were saying, but it was not to bad. I also picked up some cheap brushes for the Gesso. The next thing I got came to me last minute in the craft store. I was looking for some thing to use for bases on my minis, they had some wood rounds but they were of mixed size and most I could not use. I then thought to look at buttons. Well there it was right there a bag of buttons. Now I did not buy these as they had to many small ones in the pack, but there were some that were the right size. I then went to the net when I got home and did a search for buttons, and sure enough I searched for 3/4 buttons bulk and found what I wanted. 140 buttons for $7.50, I ordered 2 packs as I have around 200 minis in 15mm that need bases. The photo shows them next to US money and I use Pennies any way, and they look a tiny bit smaller then the penny.
So I have spent my budget for the next few months but I have some work to do any way.
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