Thursday, November 18, 2010

The British are coming the British are coming!

Well I have gone, and bought some colonial British Zulu units, to use as my P guard. I was going back and forth over who to buy them from, and I ended up with Old Glory 15s. I really wanted the Essex ones but at  $4.5 per 8 men they were to high in price. So the Old Glory are .36 per figure, and Essex would be .56 per figure. I will most likely fill out there ranks with minis from Essex but for now I picked up 100 of them for $36..  I will be needing heavy weapons, and will need to make them look like they belong in space or the future.

Some Ideas I have is using 28mm weapons like pistols as heavy weapons mounted on artillery basses. I want to pick up some 15mm colonial cannons and such to use them for the mounting of the HW. Picture a bolt pistole upside down as on a cannon mount.

Well I should be getting them in the mail today or tomorrow, and will post photos as soon as I can. I have never seen a photo of Old Glory 15s Zulu brits.

Here is what I hope to get them to,

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