Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Brits have Arrived.

Well I got the Colonial British from Old Glory 15s the other day and got right to work on them last night. I started out with doing some conversions. Some of the conversion were simple weapon swaps, but I did not have 15mm weapons so converted them from old bitz. I broke out my 28mm bitz box and got to work.

First was a rock launcher. This conversion was done using the lance from a rough rider. I clipped it off added some green stuff to the ends. It was easy to remove the old gun, and replace with the new one. You can see him on the left, on the right is the same trooper with out the conversion.

Next is the Grenade launcher. Also next to an un-converted unit. This conversion used more from the same lance. Also very easy, and I like them so far.

Now for the flamer. I am not sure what this trooper was, as what he is holding is not a gun. This was also simple, cut up a 28mm flamer, remove the tank, and glue to the back of the trooper. Add a green stuff hose, and I am done.

So this morning I based all most all of them on the buttons, clipped the guns down, and filled the bases. I hope to prime later today, and get a few painted. For my next conversions I have some drummers I am going to remove the drum and base them with a mortar. I have also made a leader, and will photo him later as well.

One more thing I watched Zulu last night to help with the mind set for this project.

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