Saturday, January 15, 2011

15mm UK order has arrived!!!!!

Well I placed and order with 15mm UK around Dec 12 of 2010, and I just got it the other day. This sucked!!! I waited over a month for this order. Well I have this to say, I was in contact with Alex from 15mm UK sales and what a guy. I know there was very bad weather there, and with the holidays, then bad weather here in the north eastern US. So with all this I am still a very happy customer of 15mm UK, and will continue to order products from them.

What did I get? Well I got 10 men from the Laser burn adventurer range, and there new USE ME high fantasy rules. I will be working on a review of the rules, as well as slapping some paint on the mini this weekend, but chances are I will not get ether one done. Life interrupted:-(

The minis I got were the closest ones I could find to the Warzone Trenchers with out going to the WWI ranges of minis out there. There are all the same pose but I will try and change this up a bit. Any way they will fit in with my Praetorian, as special units.

For the rules I have been using ChipCo's Fantasy rules 2,3,TCE for years, and was also hoping for the new mass combat rules form Ganesha Games. I think they are stuck on one type of unit, and that is holding them up. So in waiting I have found USE ME SciFi and love them, why not have a go at the USE ME high fantasy. There is only one draw back at this time, and that is basing of the units. All mine are base for FR!3 on 40x40, or 40x20mm bases, and there rules are for single unit basing. So I have to read through, and come up with a way to play with my current basing. I have have been given ideas form both Alex (from 15mm UK), and the Yhaoo group on this conversion, so I am confident this can and will be done. If time allows for it!!!

Well look for the Minis to be posted, and the review of the USE ME high fantasy soon, and on both my blogs.

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