Monday, November 14, 2011

The Boys!!

I have been thinking about my Orc boys, and stating them up for USE ME rules. So this morning (up really early) I took photos for my MSE cards. I picked just painted models for the photos, but I did do a group photo.

And now the bikes

But here are the head shots.

The War Boss, and two heavy armor. The boss is a Fantasy Orc with bitz added.

The Heavy armor. These boys are from MJ (now OOP).

The Assault Nobs. These boys are from MJ (now OOP).

Blood Axe Boys. These boys are from 15mm UK.

The Boys. These boys are from MJ (now OOP).

A Bike. This bike is from MJ (now OOP).

Two Dreadnoughts. These are GW epic gargants.

The Beast. This is from I think Vor or Void. It is a resin model I converted to an Orc Beast. I still have to Orc it up a bit, but you get the jist. I like the Troll gunners.

Not shown are my Mega Armor boys, and they are the drop troops from 15mm UK. I have yet to paint one of them for the a photo. So now I just have to create the stats, and the cards. Stay tuned for them.

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