Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow Day Oct-30-2011, and my Wedding Anniversary

Well here in the North East (New Jersey)ware I live in the North West part of the state, ware we had 17 + inches of snow yesterday. We lost power about 6:30 pm Saturday night and spent a clod night in our house. I only had a white fuel lantern for heat. Yes I vented the house a bit from time to time. We got power back and 7:30 am just after I fixed my camping stove with a ben-a-roos. I los the O ring for the gas pipe, and this stuff worked like a charm. See I needed coffee, and the stove worked great. Here are some shots.

This is what it looked like at 7:30 am EST this morning.

Now here is two from 5:pm

This stuff was very heavy, and now the melting snow is going to ice up.
Now my snow blower was still in the shed and not ready for this snow. The second pull it when putt putt die, as I was holding the pull cord, Crap!!!!! Well had that fixed in 15 minutes, did my driveway and the guy next door.

Now I have to post this sorry guys.

I have been married now for 12 years today, and want to say to my Wife, I love, and will for ever.

Now here is what I worked on while I had power. I too the advice of viewers from when they were primed and added some supports.

Well I have to finish the base, and make a unit card for them now that I have a photo of them painted up.

Well I hope readers from this part of the world made it through the storm with out issue.

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