Monday, January 2, 2012

Orc's Drift After action Report.

This New YeTurn Seven:This New Year's weekend I decided to play out my idea of Rork's Drift using Orcsas Zulus, and Praetorian guard as Brits. I did not play a live game but used Universal Battle web based TTG game.
For the rule I use USE ME 001 from 15mm UK. I did a bit of tweaking to the rules as I felt they are needed, but that is the great part about USE ME they need house rules.

The Guard numbered around 90 with 9 squads 6 rifles, one HW, and a squad leader Elan 3. I had two, two man sniper units on the roofs Elan 4. I had to mortar teams Elan 3. Then a two man squad of leaders Elan 5. My house rules for the guard were, 3" template for the mortars, killed rolled 1D6, on a 4,5,6 the were walking wounded and fought from the Hospital at -1, no +1 from close range. Max of 10 can fight from the Hospital windows. What I forgot to use was grenades, and will be replaying this with them soon.

For the Orcs I started with 15 squads of 9 boys, and a Nob, all Elan 2 with Close Combat skill. They were armed with reg rifles only. Rule for the Orcs, I would place a new full squad of Orcs for every 10 Orcs killed. I would add a few squads of say just CC boys that move faster but only have side arm, and CC skill.

For the map I used the lay out of the mission from the Real Rork's Drift battle. I tool the liberty of tweaking the surroundings based on the limited terrain features in UB. For the Map see my earlier post.

For the game I use a way of dealing with the states of minis by turning them. Winged 1/4 turn, Struck 1/2 turn. Please note the HW guys are started at 1/4 facing.

Turn One:
Here is the screen shot of the end of turn one. This was just a movement tunr, as the rnages were to much, and I forgot to shoot the mortars.
Please click the image for a larger view.

Turn Two:
This turn I did not forget the mortars, and got a few of the green skins. Also the Guard at the barn were hit with some losses, that did not make the walking wounded. Two dead.

Turn Three:
The mortars finished a Orc unit, the snipers from the left fired center to start on the Orc. More guard dead from the barn. Also moved guard to support the barn.

Turn Four:
Once more firing damage is dealt to the Orcs but with little effect. They keep coming. Now if you look at the barn, and mid guard you will see they are taking hits. Fisrt 10 boy squad placed for the Orcs.

Turn Five:
The mortars keep dealing out damage but not enough. The Orcs are now at the wall, and working on CC attacks. The Orcs on the left are just waiting for there chance to charge.

Turn Six:
I was forced to sop the game after the guards play, so there are two photos. Both are just more of both sides dying. Also we see the first walking wounded make it to the Hospital to continue the fight. Also the Orcs got another two squads.

USE ME 001 from 15mm UKTurn Seven:
Orc are working on the bull horn attack. They are working the Barn flank, and now the far left flank is charging in.

Turn Eight:
First of we have a mortar epic fail. From the movie "We were Solders" "Get small" "Bring it in close".
Well I did and it went bad, but not to bad, as it only took out one guy. At this point I will say my die rolls on the mortars SUCKED, and most of them failed, and diverted. Some of the diverted shots were good, but most ended up with 1, 2 or no hits.

Turn Nine:
Here is ware I stopped playing and I got through the Guard turn. The Orcs are picking away at the Guard and would soon over run from the center, splitting the Guard forces. And the next turn a new Orc squad was coming.

I do not expect the Guard to survive this game, but I did expect the Guard to produce larger damage.
I am going to replay this soon, but remembering the Guard grenades, and giving the Orcs their assault squads to run in and weaken the walls first. Also the snipers sucked!!!!! I might swap them out for another mortar team, and add in a Spec Ops team to cover the flanks. At any rate I enjoyed this game, even though I was forced to play it out over 4 days.
If you would like to know more drop me a line "noelvh AT Gmail D0T C0M".

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