Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whats going on?

Well Hello,
It has been a month with out a post from me here, and I have been busy with work and home stuff. I made it through the rest of the holidays ok, but the Wife just lost her job do to a new thing called a RIF. WTF is that, I asked my wife. This is Reduction in force. Will what ever that want to call it my wife is out of work. Now I thought the US was on an up swing????? Well I guess I was wrong.

Well Any way I have been pulled back in to my miniature dark side once more. Just when I think I have beaten it for the last time I am pulled right back in. Just like my many years of smoking (two years free of that on now). So what is this I am talking about???? Let me tell you, GorkaMorka. To this day I still think this is the best game GW ever made.

I was forced to sell off most of my old GM stuff a few years back when the wife and I had our snotlings.
Well I can not leave it alone more. I am on eBay every day looking for more boys,and vehicles to buy.
I never sold the boys, but I did sell off my other RT, and newer orks. I sold off my Trukk, Trakks, buggies, and bikes. I did keep my two RT era battle wagons, I use them from Trukks. Then I picked up 3 buggies two years ago (my last bout of GM). This last month I picked up a un-opened box of gorkamorka boyz. Six plastic boyz still in the box. I got them for $13.00 total. The sticker on the box was $9.95. So I think I got a good deal. I am also chasing a lead down for some trukks, and traks. I hope that I am able to pick them up.

Then I went back to Universal Battle the online miniature game, and built units for GorkaMorka. I have a trukk, trakk, buggy, bike, and boys. So now I can game solo, or with other on line. I hope to update this list with diggas, and grots soon. I am not a mutie fan so I will hold of on them, but some one can do it easy.

Then I did a bit more work on the old Army builder software, and the data files for GM. You can load the data files in the demo version of AB and use with out restriction except for saving the roster. But if one dose a google fu search for ABLoad.exe this will unlock the need for the CD. I have the full CD version, but need ABLoad.exe to run AB under linux (my preferred computer OS).

So I have built a few mobs on paper and hope to game them on UB soon. And I hope to be picking up some trukks, and trakks.

Next I ordered USE ME 007 the post apocalyptic to hope fully play GM in 15mm with other races. so I am looking forward to this rule book. I would use the GM rules in 15mm, but I do not think it will work.

Well than is it for now, I have no photos other then my little girls birthday party, and my son's pine wood derby race. So I am out for now.

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