Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good week for me.

Well I had Monday off for Presidents day, and I was recovering from a bad head cold, so what better than to go shopping. My wife has let me buy my self a new toy, and I have not been able to buy a new toy for 8 years (that is how old my oldest is). By new toy I mean a computer, by computer I mean a tablet, by tablet I mean a ASUS Eee Transformer. Man this hing is cool, and tons of fun. Now for people who know me I am a total computer geek, and I have not gotten a new computer in years. See heaving kids means no toys for me. Also I am a PC tech for a big Pharma company, so no new computers is tough for me. I have spent the last few years building systems out of old hand me down parts.

The second great part of the week is when I got my shipment from the UK. It is the GorkaMorka lot I won on eBay. In the box was 2 War Trukks, 2 War Traks, 1 War Buggy, 2 metal Nobz, 2 metal Spanners, 3 metal Yoofs, about 20 plastic boyz, 3 boyz on the trees, about 4 or 5 boyz in parts, a ton of small bitz like guns, and extra arms, a small pile of vehicle bitz like gas cans, and plates. also some extra drivers, and gunners for vehicles. So I spent the other night taking all my bitz, and the new bitz and placing them in a new bigger bitz box. Now I am so over whelmed when it comes to GorkaMorka, I do not know ware to start. So I have placed my female orks in the dip can to strip off their paint. I guess I will work on my little girl's mob.

Here is my new pile of stuff, and the photos were taken with my new tablet, then uploaded to picasa,

The trukks, and unmade trak, buggy, and boyz.
Sorted boys, and bitz, also I have a trak in here.
The trukks.
The unmade trak, and buggy.
Well That is it for now.


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