Saturday, February 18, 2012


Try as I might, I can not get those dam Orks out of my blood. It is a total shame that GW pushed the Orks in the direction they are going today. The RT, 2ed Orks are what made me fall in love with the green skins in the first place, then they throw GorkaMorka in. When GM first was launched I had some 4k, to 5k worth of green skins for 2ed 40k, and this was a no brainier game for me. The day it was released I was on line in a real store with all my HeroTown bucks, and got the last copy they had. Went home and was in bliss. HeroTown bucks, were a way to keep you coming back to HeroTown. Spend $10 and you get 1 HT buck. I only paid I think $20. for GM as I was saving all my HT bucks for this game. This has to be my favorite GW product of all times, with 2nd 40k a very close second. 

Whit that all said I have been, and still am nutz for any thing GM. So I got the bug again, and I stated that in my last post. So I have been on eBay every day trying to rebuild my collection. So far I have bid on a bunch of stuff, and even asked on forums for stuff. Well the first thing I got was an unopened box of the 6 plastic boyz, and then I just won a bid for a whole bunch of stuff. Now it is still in transit to me from the UK. In the lot is 2 trukks, 2 wartraks, 1 buggy, anout 20 plus boyz 1/2 metal, and a nice pile of bitz. I got all of that for $63.00 USD. Stuff I missed was the boxed game un-opened for $61.99, dam I was between buildings at work when the auction ended. and a bunch of other auctions. In the end I feel I got the bets deal, as I needed truks, and traks. The rest is just gravy form my collection.

But the bug has not left me and I am still on eBay every day looking for the right stuff.

So Now I also would like some bikes, and I can do a number of things to get them.

  1. Buy the new ones from GW (nah I am not a fan of them)
  2. Buy them from eBay (nah people hold them to a high price, and not worth it)
  3. Forgeworld bike, I can not afford them but I do love them.
  4. Ramshackel games has some but I need to convert.
  5. Kit bash.
I took option 5. Going through my bitz I came up with two strike cycles from ShockForce. I then found and Ork body, arms and got to work. I hacked off the shckforce dude at the midsection, filed it flat, and put the torso on. From here I added the pouches on each side by the hips. Now for the arms, and shoulder pads of green stuff. I added a spanner, and the ram skull for flare. Then lat an Ork head. I am really happy but the gun arm shoulder pad shrank on its self. I have to try and fix that. But tomorrow it will be ready for prim, and I have a second bike to work on next. I have to strip the paint off the Ork girls, and start converting them as well. 

Here are the photos.


Legal notice: GW, GorkaMorka, Ork, Orks are TM of Games-Workshop, and I have not intention of copying, selling, or trading any thing GW. Bla Bla Bla. 
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